New ski resort of Russia

Until recently, we dreamed of buying a ticket to one of the boarding houses on Dombai, went skiing in the Hibiny. For some time, “new Russians” spend their winter holidays in the Alps, in the resorts of Austria and France. And suddenly there is a magnificent ski resort in the south of Russia itself, in Krasnaya Polyana.

Krasnaya Polyana is a small mountain village in the vicinity of Sochi. Remember, not so long ago, this seemingly purely summer Black Sea resort was nominated as a candidate for the Winter Olympic Games? The main winter competitions in the south of Russia were supposed to be held in Krasnaya Polyana. Firstly, nearby, and this is the most snowy place in Europe. Secondly, the nearby slopes of the mountains make it possible to create the “steepest” ski slopes, in a literal and figurative sense. However, the uniqueness of the Krasnopolyanskie neighborhoods is that there are tracks not only for skiing aces, but also for beginners who are just

learning to ski. It is also important that in Krasnaya Polyana “under the Olympics” created the most modern rescue service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In Krasnaya Polyana there will be trails for every taste – both steep and gently sloping. Now they are preparing special tractors – snowcatchers. They tirelessly iron the mountain slopes. There were also the first points of rental of mountain skis.

Krasnaya Polyana has made a real breakthrough into the world of skiing. In 1993, the company Alpika Service was established here, which took up the construction of ski slopes and cable-chairlifts. Over the years, Alpika Service has equipped the most “unprofitable” slopes – up to a height of one thousand one hundred and forty-four meters above sea level, creating routes that, in terms of quality, can compete with the ski resorts of Switzerland or Italy. And if the laying of ropeways continues as planned, reaching a two-kilometer height, Krasnaya Polyana will not be equal in the world.

– Of course, the construction of cable cars and ski slopes – it’s not cheap, – says the director of the firm “Alpika Service” Peter Fedin. “But if today we find a reliable partner, until the fall we finish the third line of the cable car.” This means that the ski season in Krasnaya Polyana will begin in late November.

I am sure that there is no such ski resort like in Krasnaya Polyana in Russia!

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New ski resort of Russia