Money can not buy happiness

Composition-reasoning on the topic: “Money is not happiness!” The pupil asked the Master: – How true are the words that happiness is not in money? He replied that they are completely faithful. And to prove it is simple. For you can buy a bed for money, but not a dream; food, but not appetite; medicines, but not health; servants, but not friends; women, but not love; dwelling, but not a home; entertainment, but not joy; education,

But not the mind. And what is said does not exhaust the list. (Parable of unknown origin) For centuries, mankind has been seeking an answer to the question: is money happiness? Researchers from different countries claim that they found the answer. Economists, trying to answer this question, proceed from the fact that the more money the seller receives or the more the customer retains, the more he will be satisfied (or, one can say, happy).

Conclusion of economists: the more money you have, the happier you are. But, according to scientists, the refutation of this can serve as the life of the depressing stars, the suicide of general directors, “loser magnates and other unfortunate people.” “Psychologists are exploring the relationship between wealth and happiness for decades,” writes Harvard University psychologist Daniel Gilbert in his best-selling book Stumbling on

Happiness). “And they came to the conclusion that money can make people happier when it comes to moving from a state of extreme poverty to the middle class, but they do not have a tangible impact in the future.” Is it possible to buy happiness for money? Many philosophers and idealists, foreign to pragmatism, will answer: “In no event!” But there is also a very good slogan: “Those who say that happiness can not be bought for money, they simply waste it wrong.”

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Money can not buy happiness