The composition “Dagestan is my native land”

I am proud to be born in Dagestan. My land is located in the very south of Russia and occupies a huge area. The capital of my native land is the wonderful city of Makhachkala. The whole republic is an incredibly beautiful countryside, an exquisite culture and a kind, sympathetic people.

In Dagestan, for centuries, peacefully live more than a hundred peoples. It is because of this diversity that our people speak a variety of different languages: Tat, Chechen, Aryan, Lezghian, Russian, Avar, Kumyk and others. Radio, television and the media also cover recent events and conduct programs in these dialects.

I like that in my land the human dignity is most appreciated. Since childhood we are taught to cherish honor and nobility, because this is the main thing that is in the soul and will remain there until old age. Important for us and the family. No matter how our life evolved, we always remember our relatives. It is believed that everything is about.

A man can be recognized only by the way he treats his family.

We have a lot of traditions that characterize the Dagestanis from all possible sides. First, we value our religion, Faith, and therefore before we eat, we ask Allah to bless the food. Secondly, we value true, honest human labor. That’s why every time when we meet an employee, we always wish him a good day and fruitful work. And thirdly, the Dagestanis love their Motherland so much that they put all their feelings into art. In our culture there are a huge number of poems, songs, fables, sayings and pictures dedicated to Dagestan.

I am proud that I am a Dagestan. I am happy with the realization that I have something to say about my Motherland. It is a great happiness that I happened to be born in such a strong spirit of the republic, and each of us remembers that we are Russians.

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The composition “Dagestan is my native land”