My favourite flowers

Flowers are a miracle created by nature. There are no ugly flowers. They are all different – large and small, lush and elegant, colorful and strict. Of all the beautiful flowers, I like lilies most of all.

Since my early childhood, my attention was attracted by these bright and unusual flowers. Lilies – like princesses, smart, slender, proud, friendly nod to us with their noble heads. Some of them even with freckles. They are called tiger lilies. Usually they are bright orange, but they are pink and maroon. In general, there are very different varieties of lilies, differing in color, and in the form of petals and leaves, and in the number of buds on the stem. And each of them is beautiful in its own way.

No wonder the lily flower symbolizes perfection. Indeed, it is impossible even to imagine how it could be made even more beautiful. Lily was a symbol of the French royal dynasty, it is clear that not only does it cause “royal” associations. Lily is a very feminine flower, especially if it is tender in color – white or light pink. A bouquet of lilies looks very elegant and festive.

And I personally get attracted to their fragrance in lilies. Such gentle and refined, lilies have a rich, strong smell, from which the head can easily spin. But he is also very pleasant, unusual, unlike the others.

In conclusion, I want to say that you need to remember: flowers are part of wildlife, and they need to be protected.

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My favourite flowers