Composition with description elements

And then came a snowy, frosty and harsh winter. Everything around was covered with a white sparkling carpet, the rivers were tightened with a transparent mirror of ice. People wrapped themselves in fur coats, hats and scarves and became like those on the parched sparrows, who are overweight penguins. Have changed their outfit and animals – the fur coats of hares, foxes and other animals have become more fluffy and warm. All in advance, well prepared for the winter.- But how to be in this young age to poor birds? Some of them fly to warm countries, but not all. What will happen to those who have stayed? After all, they do not have warm wool or animal fur, they, like bears, can not hide in a deep den. Where will they find their livelihood when everything is covered with a thick layer of snow? I thought about it, and I felt sorry for these helpless creatures. But in fact they please us in the spring, having fluffed their bright feathers,

And I firmly decided: in my power to

help these [rkey] unhappy creatures. I will do everything to make it easier for them to survive the cold days. On the same day, I asked my father to teach me how to make feeders. He not only taught me, but he joyfully joined me. I read a few special books and found out that for different birds different feeding troughs are needed, food for them too should be different. Having studied all the habits and desires of our future pets, my dad and I began to feel hurt. On the first day off we hung out a variety of “dining rooms” around our house.

For example, for yellow-blue tits, we made small houses, to the roof of which hung slices of bacon, and sunflower seeds and crushed nuts were poured onto the bottom. Such nests also arranged for shrouds, which also sometimes occur in our region. But in their feeders we put more pieces of meat and dry food from insects.

Bullfinch offered their favorite delicacy – clusters of mountain ash, viburnum, seabuckthorn berries. These berries will gladly regale and the handsome men waxed, which with the beginning of winter often live near houses. For the goldfinches

and chizhev hung planks, on which poured various crumbs and seeds. Yellow-chested oatmeal, which is the most difficult to obtain in the winter foraging, will be pleased with the carefully preserved oats seeds.

We did not forget about the gray pigeons – the permanent residents of our yards. With them, we shared bread crumbs, bits of milk buns dipped in milk. Now all the birds have food to taste. Try, look at the neighbors and choose for themselves a suitable treat.

For this pleasant work we did not notice how the evening came. When we finished hanging the feeders, it was fun and easy on my soul. Now I will constantly check them and replenish the stocks of delicacies for birds.
I’m sure many birds will enjoy these unexpected gifts, and the winter will not be so severe for our feathered friends. It is joyful to realize that this is my merit. I did not even think about how nice it was to do something with the heat of the field. Next year I will definitely continue this good deed.

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Composition with description elements