What is kindness?

What is kindness? Who is such a kind person? Is it possible to make the world kinder, and can it consist entirely of good people? Mankind asks itself about this for thousands of years, but not many find the answer. Philosophers, poets, writers and other outstanding personalities devote their works to such themes; about this film, and sometimes it seems that the truth is so close, but… It again and again eludes us. I also often ask myself these eternal questions. And here are some thoughts on this subject.

Let’s start with the definition of the word “kindness”. In my opinion, this is such a character trait of a person that encourages him to good deeds. That is, a person, if he is kind, genuinely wants to help someone, benefit, reach out in a difficult situation, support…

It seems to me that all people are born good, because I have not yet met small children who would like to deliberately inflict harm on others. On the contrary, they regret all

animals, insects, even their toy hares and bears carefully laid to sleep, they dress, they feed… But then, when a person grows up, this pure kindness disappears somewhere to many. A good attitude can stay with relatives and close ones, but to strangers it is no longer there.

Why is this happening? Probably, because we meet on our way a lot of bad, unjust, difficult… And it all embitter us, we become callous. Our innate goodness hides behind the hard crust, which covers the soul; and many of it even under a microscope is not visible.

Is there any way to fix this? Some believe that yes, but only if all people suddenly take up their minds, remember how they were in their childhood, look into their souls, open the cage and release a “bird of kindness.” Only if all together, in a jiffy! Then it just will not get bad, and no one will be angry.

But we understand that this is fantastic. Everything can not change at the same time. It turns out that each of us can not do anything? Do not you even try?

When I am doubted, I remember the cartoon in which everyone gave each other

a bouquet “just like that.” First, one hero presented to another. Then the other wanted to give a third. The third to the fourth. And so on… It turned out a chain of good. It was only to begin!

They say that good is contagious. I agree with that. It’s like magic. And if you sincerely perform a good deed for someone, this one will feel joy and happiness, and he will want to do something good too. I generally think that a happy person can not be evil, because his soul is bursting with good emotions, which I want to share. And each of us can make another happy. They helped my mother – she is happy. They transferred the old woman across the road – this is also happiness for her. And so on. Opportunities are met at every step, but we rarely use them.

And do not think that your good behavior will not change anything, because the others are the same… Change! Let it be for one person, but change. And he, in turn, will bring happiness to someone else, and the good will become even greater. This is the meaning of life for each of us.

Can the world ever completely get rid of evil? I think no. And this, in my opinion, is not necessary. After all, if only good people live on the earth, how can they understand that they are good? Everything is relative. There will be no evil, we will never know and what is good.

Thus, summing up my thoughts, I want to say that a good person is a happy person. And each of us can multiply the amount of good in the world, making it happier for at least one person. If you make this the meaning of your life, you will never feel depressed and empty, because there are opportunities for good deeds at every turn. We just need to learn how to see and use them. Be kinder, people! Do not lock your magic bird in a dark and cramped cage!

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What is kindness?