What is generosity?

Generosity – an indisputably positive quality inherent in man, is often perceived one-sidedly: the more material goods are presented, the more generous the soul is. In fact, the essence of this concept is much more diverse.

Very many people quite superficially understand the importance of true generosity. At the heart of sometimes senseless wastefulness and the ostentatious “breadth of the soul” lie quite commonplace desires – to be the center of attention and to receive the false sympathies of others. But exactly how much such generosity is insincere, so hypocritical is the love of those around.

In fact, a person living on a show and distributing goods to the left and to the right, may well turn out to be petty and quarrelsome. Covering their shortcomings with unprecedented generosity, he does not correct them, but only exacerbates them with falseness and duplicity. Sooner or later, but the deceitfulness of such behavior will become obvious, and

then nothing can restore trust, without which it is extremely difficult to exist in society.

However, this generosity does not come from the wallet, it is born in the soul and gives warmth and joy to the people around them with a kind heart. This generosity is very valuable, it is able to tell about the nobility and sincerity of the human soul. Such people give their attention and help, not expecting in return words of gratitude and admiration.

Perhaps, this is not all possible. Perhaps, and act in this way is not easy. But everything can be achieved if there is a desire and the desire to improve oneself. And we need to start small – learn to respect others, be attentive, sincerely understand their problems, honestly try to help as much as possible, do not forget about charity and mercy. Yeah just start loving people around you. Let not all at once turn out, but to begin, at least with small, it is necessary.

Generosity is, above all, opposition to one’s own selfishness, the ability to share not only the wealth of one’s soul, but also that which, perhaps, is most necessary. One of the best moral qualities that can give confidence and self-sufficiency to a truly generous person.

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What is generosity?