Biography of Pavel Vinogradov

Pavel Viktorovich Vinogradov is a TV presenter, humorist, editor and author of humorous shows.

Pavel was born on April 11, 1983 in Moscow. In his school years, the biography of Pavel Vinogradov was filled with all sorts of hobbies. When he grew up, began to play sports, also liked to ride snowboard and skateboard.

Higher education Pavel Vinogradov in the biography received technical. He graduated from the Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation in Moscow. At the institute he was offered to play in KVN, Paul agreed. He became the captain of the team of his institute “Exception from the rules.” At first the team decided to call “Carrot Tea”, then – “Excluded from the rules”, and on a happy mistake the team was recorded as an “Exception from the rules.”

Institute Pavel graduated in 2006. And the year before that he began to play in the team “Nezolotaya youth.” Speaking at the KVN,

Pavel dreamed of remaining on television and stubbornly went to it. But in the beginning he was still behind the scenes. He worked as an editor of many TV shows. On the channel TNT in the biography of Pavel Vinogradov came out several programs under his editorial. For example, “Intuition”, humorous show “Laughter without rules”, “Slaughter League”. Also Vinogradov was one of the authors of popular programs, such as “Dances without rules”, again, “Slaughter League”.

Then the biography of Pavel Vinogradov became known as the presenter. He appeared on the channel TNT in a new genre for Russians – comedy penal show. The program “Deadly Night” in the biography of Pavel Vinogradov gave him a celebrity. On the one hand, this broadcast is a talk show, and on the other – a humorous one. Participants in the “Deadly Night” are familiar to viewers thanks to the project “Killer League”. They discuss topical, topical issues, express their position, while not forgetting to improvise successfully. So in the biography of Pavel Vinogradov’s “Deadly Night” – it is the program, after which the actor, humorist and author of the programs discovered himself as a TV presenter.

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Biography of Pavel Vinogradov