Biography of Sting

Sting, whose real name is Gordon Sumner, an English singer and philanthropist, is widely known as the leader of The Police.

General information

The first glory to Gordon Matthew Sumner, better known under the pseudonym Sting, came in 1970-80 with participation in the legendary rock band “The Police”. Later, he will make his name a successful solo career. His unusual nickname he received from a black and yellow sweater, which he wore, making the first steps in the musical field.

“The Police”

Having been a member of several music groups, in 1977 Sting founded “The Police” with drummer Styure Copeland and guitarist Henry Padovani. Soon, Padovani will be replaced by guitarist Andy Summers. In the spring of 1978, the newly released trio released the single “Roxanne”, which at first does not receive public recognition. In the same year, Sting, Copeland and Summers tour the United States, riding a truck on cities

and towns and giving concerts in small clubs, in the genre “CBGB”, a haven of representatives of punk rock culture. Interest in their first album “Outlandos d’Amour” begins to grow, and soon the record takes off on the first lines of the British, and after the American charts. The reissued single “Roxanne”, as well as “So Lonely” and “Can not Stand Losing You” become hits. The lyrics of most of the songs of this, as well as for subsequent albums, are written by Sting himself. At the same time, he makes his debut in the movie in the musical drama “Quadruple.”

Although “The Police” is often regarded as punk and new wave music, the sound of the band, with strong influences of jazz and progressive rock, is hard to pinpoint. The unique, inherent only to them sounding of the second album of the band “Regatta de Blanc”, attracts all new fans. Despite the fact that for this album Sting wrote the two most significant single “Message in a Bottle” and “Walking on the Moon”, the Grammy Award in 1980.

“The Police” brings the instrumental composition “Regatta de Blanc”.

The next album only strengthens the group’s position as leaders on the rock scene. On the album “Zenyatta Mondatta” there are such hits as “Do not Stay So Close to Me” and “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”. Despite the tight tour schedule, the next year the band managed to release another album. The song “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” from the album “Ghost in the Machine” flew to the top of the charts.

At the same time, Sting takes on his first major role in the movie in the 1982 film “Sulfur and Oil”. He wrote the song “Spread a Little Happiness”, which became the soundtrack to the film and his first solo hit. In 1983, “The Police” is going to record another album “Synchronicity”. The song “Every Breath You Take” takes first place in the American and British charts. Although the song was perceived by many as romantic, in fact it is a story about a love obsession. In 1984, after a tour in support of this album, Sting decided to take a break in the band’s work.

Successful solo career

Sting begins his solo career, releasing his first album, “Dream of the Blue Turtles”, which was released in 1985, after the dissolution of the band. Over the record, Sting works with several jazz musicians, including Brandford Marsalis. After that, Sting released a number of successful solo albums: “Nothing Like the Sun”, “The Soul Cages”, “Ten Summoner’s Tales” and “Mercury Falling”. At the same time, Sting writes music from a wide variety of backgrounds, from heartfelt ballads to exciting instrumental compositions, which have an unprecedented success. The songs “Englishman in New York”, “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” and “Fields of Gold” are included in all the charts.

In addition to his musical research and experiments, Sting finds time for filming. He appears in several films, including the science fiction drama “Dune” and the popular British detective “Cards, money, two trunks.” His songs become soundtracks for the films “Giant”, “The Case of Thomas Crown” and “The Adventures of the Emperor.”

In 1999, Sting releases his most popular solo album “Brand New Day” to date. The optimistic name finds a resonance in the hearts of listeners and in 2000 brings the singer a Grammy award for best male vocals in pop music. Later, his new albums “All This Time”, “Sacred Love” and “Songs from Labyrinth”, which is a collection of English music of the XVII century, will appear.

In 2007, Sting surprises the enthusiastic fans of “The Police” with an unexpected performance by the band at the Grammy Awards ceremony. The team announces the launch of its first tour in the last two decades.

Other roles

To top it off, Sting takes an active part in the struggle for human rights and other social issues. Since 1992, the singer is married to Trudi Styler. During this time, the couple had four children. Sting also has two children from his first marriage.

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Biography of Sting