Composition on the theme “Lake Baikal”

Baikal is a miracle of nature. And now I’ll tell you why.

Each person is endowed with the ability to admire nature. Perhaps there are few things in our everyday life that could instantly transform our way of thinking or the current mood. Only nature can do it.

Even without realizing the impact that nature has on us, we instinctively seek it, especially if these are the corners of the world’s ecological heritage, for example, which include Lake Baikal.

Baikal is not only a pond of huge area and fresh water capacity, it is a complex ecosystem that has a number of advantages.

Firstly, the depth of the lake is impressive. It is considered the deepest on earth. We live in Russia, on the territory of which this lake is located, and therefore we have the right to be proud of it.

Secondly, the beauty of nature around Lake Baikal is fabulous. On the banks of the reservoir you can rest among the rocky cliffs, which in their own majestic and terrible for exploration by their again sizes, but so impressive in view of the blue water of the lake, that such banks can be perceived as their defender.

Thirdly, the lake is away from chemical, heavy industry facilities that would pollute it. And this is doubly impressive.

Tourists note in one voice that, despite the fact that the end of the lake and can not see the lake water on the horizon, its banks are beautiful, and you do not want to leave them. Of course, there are many cases when both tourists and explorers died in severe Baikal waves. But how it all does not matter, when the eye pleases all natural – pure water, clear air, pristine rocky cliffs. And all this in aggregate forms a wonderful world for different species of animals and plants.

Stay five minutes on Lake Baikal, and you will understand that this place is akin to rest and Longevity, which attracts people from all over the world.

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Composition on the theme “Lake Baikal”