What is character?

In the composition there are references to the story of B. Polevoy “The Story of a Real Man.”

Option 1

Character – a set of formed qualities that determine the fate of a person. The main features of the character, its manifestations can be seen in the deeds and actions of each of us.

The will, perseverance, courage, which from the early days formed a merry-goose, allowed him to realize the dream of becoming a pilot. And they helped him not only to survive, but again to sit at the helm of the fighter after he lost his legs.

Another example of a strong character that determined not only the fate of man, but the fate of the whole country, can be called Peter I. The reforms he conducted in Russia, brought the country to a new level of development.

The conclusion is obvious: to achieve a goal in life you need a solid character.

In the composition there are references to Yakovlev’s story “Where the sky begins”



A character is a collection of qualities that are characteristic of a person. If among them there is no weakness, fear, cowardice, then they say that a person has a strong character.

A small parachutist from Yakovlev’s story appears to us as a man with a solid character. He, despite the lameness and abrasion, and also the premonition of punishment for the corrupted pillowcase did not leave the desire to jump again and again. This is the character!

Strong character, I believe, helped the old fisherman Santiago from the story of E. Hemingway “The Old Man and the Sea” to cope with the big fish. Hardened for years, self-control, wisdom, willpower, determination and inflexibility – that’s what character traits allowed him to win the battle and swim to the shore.

I also hope that I will be able to cultivate a strong character.

Option 2

Character is a mosaic of various traits that a person has, and it is individual for everyone. Character is manifested in actions.

Let’s turn to Yakovlev’s story and try to describe the character

of one of the characters.

The narrator is a curious person, for he was the first to begin a conversation with the boy who interested him. Another of his qualities – care, because he wanted to stop a small paratrooper, to warn against a jump with a wet “parachute”.

It is interesting to me to observe how the character of my younger brother is being formed. He is only seven years old, but he already demonstrates persistence when he does not get up from the table, without finishing lessons, fearlessness – when he bravely goes on boxing sparring with the boys clearly stronger than him. I try to learn from my brother such good character traits!

The unlike and similarity of people can often be seen in the character. And it is wonderful that we can change its mosaic, embedded in us by nature, and develop positive qualities throughout life.

Option 3

Character, in my opinion, these are all those qualities that we show most often throughout life. A person can, in some situations, behave in an unusual manner, but, as a rule, character is determined by two or three permanent features.

In the story of Yakovlev we find an example of a man with a strong character – a small paratrooper. The boy is bold, independent, mockingly concerned with fearful people.

However, there are people, describing which, they say “weakly characteristic.” This is how Semen Semenovich Khlobuev, a landowner from Nikolai Gogol’s poem Dead Souls, appears to the reader. He became impoverished, because he could not stop the moth and the spender. As a result, he even had to sell his estate…

Character inevitably manifests itself in our actions and words. Analyzing them, you can find weaknesses in your character and try to correct them.

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What is character?