Modesty decorates the person

Simplicity and modesty are the consciousness of one’s own human dignity.

One can argue which flower is more beautiful: a proud orchid, an arrogant rose or an unforgettable in its simplicity forgetfulness. To which of them do people’s souls stretch? You can talk a long time about what kind of person is more attractive: dressed in the latest fashion, seeming witty and erudite, but indifferent to someone else’s grief, or dressed simply, but elegantly, laconic, but perceiving his difficulties as his own?

I’m closer to the modesty of forget-me-nots and the indifference to a person’s other people’s troubles. Firstly, because modesty and at the same time elegance in clothes is an indicator of taste, not quantity of money. Secondly, because a person who does not want to talk in vain, but lives on the principle “the word is silver, the silence is gold” is a laconic. Thirdly, in my opinion, external simplicity and laconicity are indicators

of the rich spiritual world of man, the consequence of which is the indifference to another’s grief.

A modest person does not boast of his knowledge, but generously shares it with his friends. Help such a person in any field of knowledge and skills when necessary, is invaluable, because sometimes it is difficult to navigate, where to find the information you need. Humble people always naturally, imperceptibly and correctly offer their help, and it will seem that the way out is found by itself.

A humble person does not grieve over the lack of money, he seeks and finds ways to earn them and yet does not consider his efforts a feat. A humble person – not infantile, he not only speaks, but also does everything to ensure that the insoluble, seemingly, situation is shifted from the place.

A humble person does not brag about what he could do, he is active, kind, and his kindness extends not only to people close to him. Such a person simply can not remain indifferent. He is an internally rich man, always ready to immediately give a helping hand to another, without demanding gratitude in return. He never acts theatrically, exposing all his merits and good deeds.

That’s why I think that a bouquet of modest forget-me-nots will give elegance to any dress. So modesty decorates a person. On modest, but active people, with a good heart, spiritually rich, our world holds fast.

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Modesty decorates the person