Composition “On Life”

Human life is the most precious thing that he has. It is unique, unique, it is priceless. Human life is God’s gift! But for some reason, very few of us seriously think about how he lives, what he lives for and what he will leave behind.

People appreciate precious stones. They take care of them, pick up a beautiful frame, carefully store and are afraid to lose, and the most important jewel – our life – is often let loose. We do not hesitate to live day by day, spend time on empty entertainment or laze around the television screen. But the moment will come when each person will stop and ask himself: “Why do I live? Why is my life given to me?” After all, if fate, nature, some higher forces predetermined our appearance in the world, then it is not accidental. So, in our life there is some sense. Life is given to man only once, and, as the Russian writer NA Ostrovsky said, “it is necessary to live it out so that it will not be painfully painful

for aimlessly lived years.”

The goal is the most important thing in life. The desire to realize dreams, to implement plans. This goal may be for everyone, but it should be. And it must be high, noble, one that would exalt a man in his own eyes and in the eyes of those around him.

Think about what lies ahead;

The goal of choosing a good one, go straight to it.

These words Firdowsi, in my opinion, should become the motto of everyone. And it does not matter what exactly people want to achieve in life. The main thing is that he should be sure that his goal is worth it to strive for. Only then will this goal fill his life with real meaning. Only then will it really be of use. As V. Goethe said: “Without the benefit of living, untimely death”.

For someone, the goal of life is the creation of a family, the birth and upbringing of children. And if a person with all the responsibility refers to this, then, no doubt, live life with profit. He will invest in his children all the best that bears in his own soul, he will give them all his love and care and, most likely, will give the

world worthy people who will contribute to the improvement and prosperity of life on Earth.

Someone aspires to devote himself to a particular cause. He seeks to achieve the greatest heights in the profession. And if this is not just a desire to make a career for the sake of a career or money, then such a person, of course, lives not in vain. His goal is high and noble. His efforts will not go unnoticed, and he himself will make a significant contribution to the common cause, leave his mark in this life.

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question of why life is given to man. How many great philosophers, thinkers, writers have made the main purpose of their life the solution of the mystery of human existence and destiny. Each of them found the meaning of life in something of his own. And none of them could formulate a single goal of life for all people on Earth. But there are still some thoughts to which at one stage or another came all the learned men to whom, sooner or later, every thinking person comes. “Life is valued not for its length, but for its content,” Seneca said. Cato the Elder believed that if life is not used “in business”, it “eats rust.” “We must stop waiting for unexpected gifts from life, and make life itself”, – called L. N. Tolstoy. That is the main thing that a person should strive for,

To live, in the words of the remarkable Russian classic A. P. Chekhov, means “to play a prominent, independent, noble role, make a story, so that the same generations would not have the right to say about each of us: it was a jerk, or worse than that. “.

Of course, living a life is not a field to cross. On this bumpy road, we are waiting for both joy and disappointment. But you need to go ahead. Not passing before difficulties, overcoming obstacles, correcting the mistakes made. We must live, striving for the higher, the better, the light. And this very desire helps you to survive, educate your soul and come closer to unraveling the greatest mystery – the mystery of life. And maybe, for this reason, life is given to us, so that we ourselves “create ourselves”, so that we constantly strive for perfection, harmony and beauty.

“I lived my life,” says the man in his declining years and thinks about what was the meaning of his life, what filled his every day. And often it turns out that behind the emptiness: did not fly to the stars, did not make discoveries, did not defend the homeland, did not strive for sporting achievements, did not raise bread. no one warmed his warmth. There is nothing to remember. He did not build a house, he did not raise a son, he even did not plant a tree. It turns out that life was spent in vain, because there was no meaning, no content in it, and therefore there was no life itself. Yes, man existed, “drifted”, but life passed by. Without him. Then the words said by the writer PA Pavlenko are recalled: “Life is not the days that passed, but those that were remembered.” And to make it as memorable as possible, only the person can.

I do not know yet what I can, what I will have time to do in my life. I only know that I will strive to have something to remember at the end of the journey, to tell that I could be proud of my life, that my relatives, friends and acquaintances should not be “painfully hurt” for my aimlessly lived years. I believe that in the declining years I will be able to tell my grandchildren that I have lived my life well, and I will have every right to subscribe to the words of Yu. Fuchik: “But we will live in the dead part of your great happiness, because we have invested our a life!”

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Composition “On Life”