“Gifts of the Magi”

“Gifts of the Magi”

I really liked the touching story of the love of two young people, without hesitation, sacrificed to each other the most expensive that they had.

Della and Jim rented a cheap apartment, as her husband did not earn much for a family man, and his wife was engaged in farming. The family could not afford to spend extra money, and it turned out that before Christmas, Della realized that she would not be able to present her beloved Jim with a worthy gift for a very simple reason – no money. What to do?!

In this family there were two treasures, which were the subject of pride of husband and wife and envy of neighbors. One is Jim’s family gold watch, the second is Della’s magnificent brown hair, falling down below the knees with a waterfall. In order to make a present

to her beloved, Della decides to trim her luxurious hair and help her with a little money. So she does. With money from the sale of hair, she buys a platinum chain for Jim’s watches – a gift worthy of both her husband and his watch.

Jim, meanwhile, finds himself in a no less painful position than his wife. He wants to give her a Christmas present, but there is not enough money. There is one way that Jim was quick to take advantage. He sells his watch to buy a magnificent set of tortoiseshell combs for the wonderful hair of his beloved. However, coming home, Jim realizes that his gift was somewhat late, because Della for the sake of her husband had already said goodbye to her hair. Yes, and Della’s gift is also inappropriate: where to cling to the platinum chain, if the watch is sold?

Both husband and wife loved each other so much that they managed to react to what was happening with a smile. Jim proposes to hide gifts for a while, but the care, touching care and love that they gave to each other can not be hidden at all desire.

With great pleasure I read this wonderful story, filled with optimism and a subtle sense of humor. I would like to meet people like Jim and Della more often, because their love fills life and the whole world around with a magical light and helps to overcome all the obstacles on the path of life.

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“Gifts of the Magi”