Writing is my best day

I consider myself lucky and truly lucky person. What is my luck – in my childhood, when I was little, and there was a crisis on the street and it was problematic to buy children’s things – I had them. I had the coolest sneakers in the yard, the coolest cap with the name of a fashionable football team and, most importantly, I had a car on the radio control. Then they were worthless money, and it was problematic to acquire them, but my uncle often went on business trips. And so I remember, it was about five years and my uncle brought me this car, I was beside myself with delight. What can I say, my father and I were very pleased with this gift and now I do not even know – maybe my father was even happier – he did not have such a typewriter as a child. And we played with the car for so long. This gift made me happy,

Another happy day I see is the birth of my sister. To be honest, I was afraid of her. I even closed the door so she did not come. But Dad

explained to me that the little sister is small and can not come by herself. I was delighted, but did not open the door. Her father opened it, he took my hand and put me in the car. We came somewhere, and there we were waiting for my mother with a bundle in her hands. Conviction squeaked. I did not like it. But when we arrived home, I was given a look at what was in it. There was a baby, who murmured something in his own language. My mother asked me about how I would call my sister. And after I said – my mother smiled and said that we would call our girl, as I suggested. And I realized that this lump of happiness is now a part of my family, that those people whom I can love have become one more person.

Another joyful event was my first excellent assessment in school. I, in order to get twelve points, myself volunteered to the board and decided a complex (as I thought) example. Nobody wanted to solve it and everyone was afraid to answer. And I was able, I overcame fear – that’s why this event was memorized, as joyful.

I believe that a person who positively looks at the world is much happier than one who lives all his life under the yoke of darkness and despair. I want to be the person to whom people will reach, because they will talk about this person as a source of good and positive. Therefore, I do not stand still – I am constantly developing: I read positive literature, I watch kind and lovely films, I communicate with interesting people. But most importantly – no matter what – I always try to smile, because a smile attracts happiness.

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Writing is my best day