What does it mean to believe

What does it mean to believe

Each of you had to use the word “believe”. “Do you believe me?” – we ask the friend, telling him the fascinating story that happened the day before. So, to believe – means not to doubt the truthfulness of what is heard or seen, that is, to perceive something as truth. However, the word “believe” has another meaning: to be sure of something, to have faith. In this sense, faith is confidence in something that does not require any evidence. One authoritative church man said that the belief is that we believe in what we do not see.

There is faith in God. It is a belief in higher powers, in the inevitable victory of good over evil, in virtue of truth and love. For a devout person, faith in God is the basis of his morality. It is a guide in the choice between good and evil: because everything in the world lives according to God’s laws-commandments, then the fulfillment of commandments is good, and violation is evil.

Many people believe in science. It is the belief that the human mind is capable of doing real miracles.

There is faith in man. It is the belief that each person has exceptional abilities and abilities, that in every person there is more good than bad.

There is faith in yourself. It is a belief in the opportunity to achieve in our lives something great, useful for others.

An essential feature of faith is that it does not require proof. Faith helps a person to live, gives him strength

and gives him hope. Since 988, when Grand Duke Vladimir introduced Christianity as a state religion, our people honored the Christian values ​​of love, goodness, justice, revered Jesus Christ. True, Ukraine is a native land for representatives of other nations. Therefore, there are many people who believe in Allah – they profess Islam. There are also those who profess Judaism. But no matter how different these religions are, common to them is faith in one God.

Those who do not believe in God seek consolation in another. Worst of all those people who do not believe in anything. A man devoid of faith has nothing to rely on, there is nothing to hope for. Such a person does not have moral precepts and warnings: “Do not do bad!”. The inner world of such a person is intricate and dark. That is why philosophers are convinced that man’s spirituality is based on faith, hope and love.

What does it mean to believe