What is spirituality?

Spirituality is not religiousness, not piety and not religion!

Spirituality is the highest aspects of the inner world, which are manifested in humanity, cordiality, kindness, sincerity, warmth, openness to other people. Spirituality is based on the breadth of views, erudition, culture, general development of the individual. Loss of spirituality is equivalent to the loss of humanity.

A prolonged crisis of spirituality in an individual leads to its degradation. Spirituality is incompatible with callousness, selfishness, orientation to material benefits. Spirituality can be conscious, meaningful as a manifestation of intelligence. It may be partially unconscious – they say about such a person: cordial, kind, sincere by nature.

Spirituality is a specific property of a person’s life activity, expressed in a careful attitude towards himself and the surrounding world, forming a set of intangible values ​​that are resistant to devaluation, this state of the

soul, in the predominance of higher, spiritual and moral interests over material interests, is detachment from low, grossly sensual interests, aspiration to inner perfection, the height of the spirit.

“Spirituality is not intellectualism, not idealism, not a turn of the mind towards ethics, to pure morality or asceticism, it is not religiousness or passionate emotional uplifting of the spirit, not even a mixture of these excellent things.” Mental faith, emotional aspiration, behavioral management according to religious or ethical prescription is not spiritual achievement or experience, all of which are of great value to the mental consciousness and life, as well as to the spiritual evolution itself, but only as preparatory actions for discipline and Pts of the human nature.

Spirituality in its essence is the awakening of the inner reality of our being-our soul; an inner desire to know, feel and identify with it; to come into contact with the supreme reality, the immanent cosmos, or existing outside the cosmos, and also our being; to be connected with it, to connect with it and, as a result of

this contact and union, to transform, our whole being, turning into a new being, into a new personality, into a new nature. “Great spiritual ascetic, philosopher Sri Aurobindo.

Do not worry about doctrines, do not worry about dogmas, about sects, about churches, all this is insignificant in comparison with the essence of human life. Essence is Spirit, and the more developed this person is in the Spirit, the more powerful a person is in building and achieving good and good. First you will achieve, achieve this, and condemn no one, for in every creed, in every sect there is good. And only those who have risen in this world of spirit can inform the spiritual life of others, they can be great teachers of humanity, only they are the powers of Light. First of all, carry out the truth in your personal life. ..

“Hell and heaven are in heaven,” the bigots affirm. I, having looked into myself, became convinced of lies: Hell and heaven are not circles in the palace of the universe, Hell and heaven are two halves of the soul.

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What is spirituality?