War and children composition

War – this is one of the most terrible phenomena that happen with an enviable constancy throughout the history of mankind. The war takes an incredible amount of lives, changes the consciousness of people beyond recognition. No war could bypass the most unprotected layer of the population – children. In order to understand what was the children during the war, talk with great-grandmothers or great-grandfathers, who with their own eyes saw all the horrors of the war when they were still very young.

Before their eyes, the brave defenders of the Motherland died, and many killed relatives and friends. And all this was seen by the children! Children, whose childhood was to become the best and carefree in the world. Children who were supposed to be surrounded by warmth, care and love. All this, unfortunately, children do not receive during any war. They have to overcome, as well as adults, all the incredible hardships and hardships of wartime. Along with adults, children

have to work for twelve or more hours, in order to provide the front with everything necessary. In this case, many did not receive even the necessary food for life, it also had to be mined by ourselves. With provisions it is always difficult in wartime.

Many children died of hunger and hypothermia, and not having time to really live. War is an incredible tragic event in the life of every country, which is colored with the blood of a huge number of children, women, men, old people. Children who saw the war with their own eyes had to grow incredibly fast. Children’s games, pranks, and entertainments were forgotten. What a laugh and a joy when a large number of people die daily. At the same time, there is no probability that among the dead there will not be your father, brother, or older comrade.

All these facts forcibly forced the children to understand the seriousness of the situation, to accept the very fact of the war and to try to survive by all means. But not only to survive, but also to drive the enemy away from his native land. Many teenagers went to the front to fight on an equal footing with adults,

intending to add extra years to them to be drafted into the army. All this indicates that children as well as adults understand that war can not be won without actions and sacrifices.

During the war, many children and adolescents created partisan detachments, which made a significant contribution to the fight against the enemy. They fought as courageously and steadfastly as the adult fighters. At the same time, they died as bravely, and without fear of death. For their exploits – they have immortal fame and eternal memory!

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War and children composition