Summary of “Little Watery” by Proysler

One fine day, when the water mill came home, his wife said to him:

“From now on, you must be very quiet.” Because we have a little boy.

– What are you saying! – the father-watery was delighted. “A real little boy?”

“Yes, the real Little Water!” said the wife. “I beg you, take off your boots and go in quietly… I think he’s still asleep.” Father-watery took off his yellow boots and entered the house on tiptoe. This house was built of reeds and stood deep in the bottom of the mill pond. Instead of cement, it is plastered with silt – this is the house of water! And in general, it was the most ordinary, like all other houses, except that much less. Because the water is much smaller than people. The house had a kitchen, a closet, a living room, a bedroom, as well as a corridor and a corridor. The floors are covered with clean white sand, the windows are curtained with green curtains, woven from

algae and lilies. And, of course, all the rooms, and the kitchen, and the porch, and the corridor are full of water. And could it have been different if the house stood at the very bottom of the mill pond?

So the water mill on tiptoe slipped through the corridor to the kitchen. From the kitchen, he crept into the living room, and then into the bedroom. And when he quietly walked to the bed, he saw, beside her, in a reed cradle, Little Water. His eyes were closed – the boy was asleep. The compressed fists lay on the pillow on either side of the thick red face.

“How do you like it?” asked his wife. She also went into the bedroom.

“The boy is too small,” the father replied. “Otherwise, I like him.” Water leaned over the cradle and began to count:

– One, two, three, four, five…

“What do you mean?” asked his wife.

“Oh, I’m just counting my fingers – are they all in place,” the watery man said quietly. “Look at those slender legs!” When he grows up, he will get a pair of beautiful yellow

boots, a green cane jacket, brown trousers and a bright red pointed hat! Most of all I like his hair. I always dreamed of having such a baby girl with green hair…

– Careful! the wife of the waterwoman warned. “What are you doing back there again?”

“Do not bother me,” answered the water girl. “It’s interesting to check if he has any webbing between his fingers.” This is very important for the son of the water! Father-watery wanted to open the boy’s fist. But then Little Watery woke up and rubbed his eyes with his fists.

– Wow, look! cried the father, watery. – You see?!

– Webbing between the fingers? laughed the watery wife.

– Well, of course! exclaimed the water mill. “But now I still know what his eyes are!” They are green-green! Real eyes watery! And the father-watery took Little Water from the cradle and raised it high above his head. He set off with him to dance, so much so that the reed walls rattled in the house and sand fell on the floor! The happy father sang joyfully in his throat:

– We have a Little Water! Then curious fish swam from all sides to the little house and looked out the windows, goggling their bulging eyes.

And everyone who wanted could see at a glance that this is really a real Little Water!

Donnerwether, that’s the boy!

“Do you think,” he said to his wife in the evening. – We should give a reception in honor of the baby, is not it? Tomorrow I will invite relatives to show it to everyone. And you will weld and press different delicious things to have something to eat. Everything will be like decent people! No sooner said than done. The next day the waterway went to invite relatives, and to those who lived far away, he sent out with notes of fish. The wife of the water stayed at home preparing a treat. Until late evening, she stirred the scoops in the pots, spit the frying pan, and rattled the bowls. Between the business she fed the little water and Little Water.

Father-water invited twenty-seven guests, and twenty-six of them came. They were: twelve water-mermaid wives, one well spirit, one ghost that lived nearby under the old bridge. The well of the spirit lived in an artesian well behind the fire station, he was already very old and wore a white beard. Other water profits from everywhere: from a village pond, from a frog bog, from a duck puddle, from the Red and Black canals, from a trout stream, from a mountain spring and from another five reservoirs.

– I greet you! – the father of Little Watery met the guests. “It’s good that you are so punctual today!” My wife and I sincerely thank you and hope that you will be satisfied with the food.

“Would you like to show us the baby first?” – asked the water from a mountain spring.

“No,” said the mill waterman. “First, we’ll swat!” The main thing – in the end.

Twelve water men and their wives, as well as well spirit and ghost and other guests, sat down at the long table, which the mill water had put in front of his house, because such a large company in the rooms would not fit. A well of spirit with a white beard sat at the place of honor at the head of the table. Mother of Little Water brought guests first a soup of green duckweed, then fried fish caviar with dried seaweed. Then she put a salad on the table, skillfully prepared by her from well bugs with finely chopped stems of caluzhnitsa. To whom all this was not enough, he could still taste stewed frog’s tongues and a whole bowl of salted dragonfly larvae… Yes, yes, everything is not like that of poor people!

“Tell me,” asked the water girl, who lives in the Red Canal during the dessert, “did not you invite your brother-in-law, the swamp water man?” It just did not stop him being here – was it?

– Of course! replied the host. “I’m not that watery to forget my brother-in-law!” I sent the fastest postman to him, a river trout. But – take the pike! – I do not understand what happened!

“Obviously, he stayed a little longer on his long journeys,” said the well of the well. “But he will surely come.” As far as I know it, it is very obligatory… Well, now about the main thing: do not you want to show us Little Water?

– If you really already ate, then I will bring it! said the father-watery.

But at the very moment when he wanted to enter the house to take out his son, what is it. suddenly it was completely dark in the pond! You could not see it! Water and mermaids were frightened.

– For help! What happened? cried the guests.

“Oh, nothing!” – someone answered with a bass. “It’s just me!” Good afternoon…

And who did they see when the black dregs cleared? – marsh water! Entering the pond, he drove a cloud of marshy swamp before him – that’s all…

– Oh! Welcome to contact us! cried the father of Little Water. “We already thought that you would not come.” I just wanted to take our baby out of the house.

“Bring him!” said the swamp water man. – And in the meantime I’ll have a snack… With brown hands, he immediately reached for the nearest bowl – it was a bowl with salad from well bugs with stalks of caluzhnitsa, and – one, two, three – the bowl became empty! After that, he swallowed a half-plate of stewed frog’s tongues with salted larvae, and at the end he enjoyed the remains of fried fish eggs.

“You have to refresh yourself,” he said, champing. – Travel excites appetite.

He ate until the host appeared at the door of the house: he carried a reed cradle with Little Water. Then the swamp water immediately forgot all the bowls and plates, he jumped up and shouted with such enthusiasm that he nearly choked on the last piece:

“Donnerwetter, this is the boy!” And all water with their wives, a well spirit and a ghostly ghost crowded around the reed cradle, loudly expressing delight. The well of the spirit lifted both hands and a white beard and, when all had subsided, he said:

– Stop the bazaar! Let’s wish our Little Water Happiness!

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Summary of “Little Watery” by Proysler