“Astana city of dreams” composition

Astana became the capital of our Motherland and the residence of the President in 1994. Now it is the city of the future, the city of dreams. With each passing day, it is increasingly developing and flourishing. There are many sports and cultural events here. In Astana, the most modern buildings are built, which amaze with its architecture. Guests from other countries, coming to Astana, open their mouths with surprise.

Astana looks like a new city, a city of the XXI century. During the years of independence of Kazakhstan, skyscrapers of the most amazing shapes, modern parks and squares, stunningly beautiful fountains and monuments appeared in it. The symbol of the city is the Baiterek monument, the tree of the life of the people, rooted in the ground by roots, and the crown resting on the sky. To make the city even more comfortable for life, it is diligently planted with trees. And in the evenings many central buildings are beautifully illuminated.

Earlier Astana was a small city at the intersection of trade routes. It was called Akmola, Tselinograd, Akmola. By the decree of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the city was renamed into Astana, giving it a new life – the capital.

Now the President’s residence is located in Astana. This is the palace of Ak-horde at the beginning of the beautiful Water-green boulevard. This is a truly magnificent building. It is Nursultan Nazarbayev that Astana owes its prosperity.

Not far from Ak-horde is the largest tent in the world – the building of the shopping and entertainment center Khan-shatyr. It is completely transparent and striking in its scale.

Astana is now the center of business in Kazakhstan. Not surprisingly, many residents of our country want to live there. I know many people who have moved or want to move to live and work in the capital. The city is growing rapidly right before our eyes and expanding.

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“Astana city of dreams” composition