Summary “Meeting Turgenev

The author of the story, he is also the main character of the “Notes of the Hunter”, sat in a birch grove near the middle of September and observed the surrounding nature. Her condition was then typically autumnal. The grove became dull and damp, as soon as the sun went down, and, on the contrary, blossomed from the rays penetrating it. The hunter enjoyed what he saw. Covered with lyrical reflections, he fell asleep under one of the trees.

I woke up when the weather completely changed and the whole grove was swept by a flood of light. The hunter suddenly saw the peasant woman. She sat in deep sorrow. She was young and pretty. Her face was frozen with traces of tears, and she seemed to be waiting for someone all the time, reacting sensitively to every sound of a birch grove.

The hero was especially touched by her expression – meek, childishly frightened, filled with unconcealed sadness. She did not move at all. And so much time passed before the sound of

the approaching man was heard. Appeared exactly the one she was waiting for. And on her face – and happiness, and then again fright, and despondency. As if she had a presentiment of what awaited her. The appearance of the man appeared disappointed by the involuntary witness of this meeting.

In it there was nothing outstanding – the most ordinary person, with a rough, “sassy” and leniently indifferent expression. Such, the author notes, usually irritate men and magnetically attract women. It was a capricious valet, perfectly aware of the entire degree of love of the girl and not experiencing her reciprocal feelings. He almost did not look into her eyes and began his conversation carelessly. He said that there was a lot to do, and even rain… And, incidentally, I dropped it, that tomorrow he is leaving with the master. The news plunged the girl into despair. She named her beloved by name and patronymic – Victor Alexandritch. She asked when they would see again and heard the scattered: “See you, see you…” But he will go with the gentleman to Petersburg, and there,

perhaps, and abroad.

From the conversation the hunter learned that the girl was called Akulina. She confessed her love to a young man, which was no longer a news for him. And she asked how to be now. The answer was simple: you are supposed to be intelligent, but without education, and therefore must obey your father. Victor took from her hands wilted bouquet of cornflowers, twirled in his hands and thought about his, looking at the sky. At this moment, Akulina began to examine him, and in her look fused tenderness, a fear of losing the loved one and admiring them. He twirled a lorgnette in his hands, bragged about the future life in Petersburg, how everything was arranged there. And he added that she could not understand all this. To this she noticed that he had spoken to her quite differently before. She begged to tell her at least a word. But he was adamant.

Eventually the conversation tired the valet, and he retired. Akulina burst into tears. The hunter could not stand this picture and in a fit of pity he ran out to her. The girl screamed, dropped the flowers and ran away. The farewell beauty of the autumn nature echoed what is happening. The hero returned home, but for a long time he remembered the unhappy Akulina.

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Summary “Meeting Turgenev