Types of protected areas

The nature protection objects include: nature reserves, national nature parks, sanctuaries, nature monuments, etc. Their total area in the world is more than 4.5 million km2, or 3% of the land area.

Specific scientific research institutions in which natural complexes are protected and explored are reserves. The territory of reserves is completely excluded from economic use. Among the reserves, biosphere reserves have a special status, in which all natural components are protected. Biosphere reserves began to be created since 1973. Now there are more than 300 of them and they cover all natural zones of the Earth.

Natural national parks are created to preserve, restore and effectively use natural complexes. Specially designed routes for visitors and tourists turn national parks into cultural, educational and health centers. The largest national parks are created in North America, Africa and Australia.

In order to preserve certain unique natural formations, natural monuments are distinguished. The nature protection facilities also include botanical gardens, dendrological parks and zoos, which are almost in all countries of the world.

Positive is the world trend of increasing the number of nature conservation areas. So, 40 years ago there were about 200 national parks, by the end of 2000 there were already more than 2000. Today in Ukraine, 4 biosphere reserves have been created. 17 nature reserves and 16 national parks. The reserve fund of our state is 3.5% of its area and is increasing every year.

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Types of protected areas