General information about Australia

The area of ​​the continent is 7.687 million km2.

The population is 20.1 million people.

The highest point on the sea level is Kosciusko.

The lowest point from the sea level is the lake. Air.

The average height above sea level is 215 m.

The longest coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef

The largest island is Fr. New Guinea.

Australia is the smallest continent on Earth, but in spite of this its dimensions are impressive. From its western coast to the east it is farther than from Kiev to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. And from north to south the length of the continent is four times larger than the distance between Kiev and Simferopol.

Australia is also the world’s driest continent. 40% of its area is occupied by deserts, although not ordinary. Through their thorny thickets you need to scrape with an ax.

Australia is sometimes called the “mainland-vice versa.” And in fact, much on this continent is exactly the opposite of what is considered normal for Europeans, including Ukrainians. When in Ukraine the winter in Australia is summer. When in Kiev 10 hours, in the capital of Australia, Canberra – 18 hours. For Ukrainians it is understandable: the further to move to the north, the colder, for Australians movement in the north direction means that it will become hotter. Not all trees of Australia give a shadow. Animals of Australia grow their young in a leather fold on their belly – the bag, some mammals lay eggs, and feed the babies with milk. This is the mainland of mysteries and surprises, the mainland, where the “most terrible beast” is a rabbit, and among the birds is an ordinary sparrow.

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General information about Australia