Cities in the Central District of Russia

1. Study the features of accommodation of cities in Central Russia. Where is their greatest concentration? Which parts of the area are the least urbanized?

The location of the cities of Central Russia resembles the constellation of the Big Dipper: the largest cities form the “ladle” – Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, and the southern cities – the “bucket” handle.

In the Central region, the Moscow agglomeration and the regional centers located approximately equally from Moscow are allocated. Being a powerful center of attraction, Moscow hindered the growth of other cities, therefore only Yaroslavl, Ryazan, Tula stand out in the region. In the Central region, most urban-type settlements, but a third of them are again in the Moscow region.

The central region leads in terms of population density: it is maximum within the Moscow agglomeration, it is minimal in the Kostroma region – here the average density is only

13 people / km2. The share of the urban population is 83%, which is somewhat less than in the North-West economic region. There is a tendency to reduce the level of urbanization to the south. An exception is the little-developed Kostroma region.

2. Find the cities described in the paragraph on the map. How did their economic and geographical situation affect the characteristics of development?

3. Think about why the Central District is so rich in cities, ancient and young, large and small, industrial and scientific centers and quiet provincial ones?

The leading role here was played by the historical factor – an advantageous transport and geographical position. With the development of the district, its economy, transport, the role of individual cities has changed. The large centers stopped in their development and turned into small provincial cities. The proximity to the capital makes it profitable to build cities even now. There are new centers of science and modern technologies. In addition to the described in the text of the city of Pushchino, it is Dubna, Troitsk, Chernogolovka, Zelenograd, and others.

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Cities in the Central District of Russia