Geographical location of Australia

The uniqueness of the nature of Australia is associated with the peculiarities of its physical and geographical situation.

Australia, unlike Africa, is completely located in the Southern Hemisphere relative to the equator. This explains why in its territory “everything is the opposite” in comparison with our Northern Hemisphere. In January, here is the middle of summer and the heat soars, and in July – winter, although very warm. Regarding the zero meridian, Australia is entirely located in the Eastern Hemisphere. The southern tropic passes through the middle of the mainland. Therefore, Australia, like Africa, is considered a continent of tropical latitudes with a hot climate. Most of its territory is located within the tropical belt, and the southernmost point – on the island of Tasmania lies to the south than the extreme southern point of Africa.

The shores of Australia are washed by the waters of two oceans: in the west – Indian, in the

east – the Corsil and Tasman seas of the Pacific Ocean. Ocean currents off the coast of the mainland influence the formation of its nature.

Cold currents in the Indian Ocean – the Western winds and the West Australian – contribute to the formation of the arid climate of the southern and western coasts of the continent. Therefore, the Great Victoria Desert and the Great Sandy Desert come to the very shore of the ocean. A warm East Australian current in the Pacific causes the wet weather of the eastern coasts of the continent.

Australia, unlike Africa, is at a great distance from other continents. With Eurasia it connects only the “bridge” of the Great Sunda Islands. This explains the uniqueness of the natural conditions of Australia, in particular, the uniqueness of vegetation and wildlife.

The extreme points of Australia are capes: in the north of York, in the south – in the South-East, in the west – in SteeP Point, in the east – in Byron.

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Geographical location of Australia