Tula region

Every corner of Russia is beautiful in its own way, but the place where we were born and grew up seems to us to be the best. Not everyone feels it in childhood, living constantly at home. But you should leave for a long time from your native city, as soon as you start to appreciate it for real. Me and many of my classmates will understand this when, after graduating from school, we will fly out wherever.

My small homeland is Tula. The city of gunsmiths, samovars and gingerbread. One of the most colorful and rich in sights of the corners of our vast country.

The Tula region can be called the soul of Russia. After all, it was customary for the samovar to conduct emotional conversations in the long evenings in Russia. And it is with this subject that many foreigners are associated with our people. Beautiful, majestic, hot and always ready to give the guest a delicious and fragrant tea with gingerbread. Samovar fishing is considered native Tula. The best craftsmen lived on

our land, and today the Museum of Samovars works in Tula, where you can not see any exhibits!

Tourists are happy to visit it and take pictures against the background of the symbol of Russia. By the way, we also have a Gingerbread Museum. Sweet lovers love it.

But not only is the soul of the Russian people famous, but also their strength, their courage and fortitude. Not a single enemy has succeeded in overcoming us, and the role of the Tula region in this is enormous. It is called the shield of Russia and its weapons arsenal. It was here that the famous Kulikovo battle took place in 1380, which became decisive in the war of the Rusys with the Horde. It was in Tula around the clock worked factories, casting weapons during the Second World War. We are proud of the First Battlefield of Russia and our Kremlin, which are world-famous landmarks.

And on the territory of the Tula region there was a patrimonial estate of the great Russian writer – Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. It was called Yasnaya Polyana, and today, in the former nest of the classic for all comers, the doors of the museum of the same name

are open.

In addition to its attractions, my small homeland and elegant nature are famous. I traveled a lot with my parents around the country and even went abroad, but I did not see such beauty anywhere. The vast plains, from which breathtaking; majestic oaks, virtuoso maples, fragile birches… The sky is blue-blue, the rivers can not swim…

Never, even after being hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, I will not forget this land that gave me life and taught me the most important thing – to love the Motherland. My very best, the most beautiful and the most dear to my heart – the Tula region!

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Tula region