Composition on the topic “Native people”

The closest and most loved people for me is my family. I love them very much and can not imagine my life without them. For each day spent surrounded by warmth, caring, affection and love from my family, I am ready to thank God. After all, it is actually a higher happiness to feel that you are loved, supported, ready to help, and accept just what you are. I think that I was very lucky to be born in a family where understanding, trust, love and mutual help reign.

Of course, and we have different disagreements, small quarrels, some misunderstanding. But each member of my family understands that we are all kindred to each other, which means that we must come to a common decision, concede each other, and also make some compromises. But all this seems such a trifle, when mom and dad are happy. Therefore, I always try to first put myself in their place and understand what they feel and what feelings drive them. After all, in any case, they want me to be happy. Of course, there are things

that they categorically forbid me, although I so much want to. But I, in turn, understand that they are doing this for my own good. And even now I take offense at them a little, but in the future I will certainly understand that they have always been right and have put all the forces to make me a worthy person.

My mother is my mother. She is an amazing person, thanks to whom I never give up, I am ready to overcome various difficulties and go to my goals. After all, any trouble can be experienced simply by hugging your mother tightly, to feel how she loves you and take care of you. And then all the hardships seem so small and insignificant. It’s amazing how just one person can give you peace of mind, confidence in your abilities and the realization that everything is within your power. But the main thing is that my mother is healthy, so I try not to upset her in small things, but rather to please and take care.

In addition to my family, my family and friends are my friends and friends. Of course, they are not native to me “by blood,” but native to the spirit, goals, aspirations, interests, and even dreams. It’s so nice to meet my peers who also like me look at the world, understand you, are ready to take care of you and always come to the rescue. Friendship also brings people together. A strong friendship, which is based on mutual respect and mutual help, makes people truly dear to each other. Therefore, I can say with certainty that any people who are ready to compromise and respect each other can become native people.

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Composition on the topic “Native people”