“There is no bad weather…”

It rains in the morning. Day is gray, yellow maple leaves are swimming in puddles. On the side of the road there is a car, to the rear glass the wind has pasted a leaf of a birch tree. The trunks of the trees are black, it seems that the bark is soaked through with water. Only multi-colored pedestrian umbrellas make a variety in the colors of autumn.

This autumn day was depicted in the picture by our familiar artist Victor Osichny. His work, he said: “The colors of autumn.” He invited us to a small exhibition hall, where the works of young artists were collected. Pictures united one theme: “Nature does not have bad weather…”

I asked Viktor Osinichny: “And what good is that rainy day that we painted?” “You just have to look carefully at nature, and it will reveal its beauty to you at any time of the year. It is difficult to convey the beauty of trees that are rained by the rain, but the tree will endure the autumn, the harsh winter, and in the spring it will please the people with young foliage, insects, and maybe squirrels… Spring and summer bring new impressions, here we use bright, joyful colors: blue, red, green… “

A few days after visiting the exhibition, we returned with my classmates from school through the city square. The trees were almost flying around, the sky was blue-blue and some cold. The leaves on the ground were mostly dark. But from the ground, from these leaves there was a thin bitterish aroma, which happens in the autumn. The smell of the bonfire flew, and all this strengthened the impression. One of the guys said: “How cool!” And I told them about the exhibition. And the guys agreed that in fact, “nature does not have bad weather.” It’s just that even on the rainy day one must be able to see something beautiful and unique that is inherent in this time of the year.

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“There is no bad weather…”