The composition of Vasnetsov’s picture “Bogatyri”

The painting “The Heroes” is written on the plot of Russian epics and ancient chronicles. Three mighty heroes, sitting on their horses, stopped in thought. Where to go next? What lies ahead, do not enemies again plot to attack our lands?

All these bogatyrs are somewhat similar to each other. Each of them is very strong and dare to fight. Everyone has an excellent sword and bow and arrows. Everyone is ready at a difficult moment to come to the aid of his comrades, to protect the weak, to defend justice. However, by nature, these epic warriors are very different.

Ilya Muromets is looking from afar. This person comes from a peasant family. Among the three heroes he is the oldest and most experienced. The artist emphasized this by placing it in the center. Ilya seems to represent a calm confidence, discretion and good power of the Russian people. His figure is a little heavy and dense, mighty.

On the arms of Elijah we see combat gloves, and on the head a

helmet. This hero is well armed: he has a formidable mace, a sharp spear, and behind the left shoulder is a shield. And the black horse of his is also a hero, to match the master. Ilya’s horse mows with one eye, tears forward.

On the left, the author of the painting depicted Dobrynya Nikitich. Dobrynya is a brave and steadfast warrior. By nature, he is impatient and hot, always ready, without hesitation, to rush first into battle with the enemy. His fingers tightly and warily squeeze the handle of the sharp sword. The horse of this hero – a white suit, very beautiful. Now he is somewhat alarmed, blows his nostrils and, probably, he senses some danger ahead.

The youngest of the heroes is Alyosha Popovich. In the picture he is to the left of Ilya Muromets. Young handsome Alyosha is a cheerful character, he loves music and songs. And now he smiles at something with something, slyly looking a little sideways. Alyosha’s horse lowered its head and waited. Alyosha Popovich is not as stocky and strong as his two companions. But his main weapon is savvy and cunning.

We admire the heroic article of these three defenders of our native land.

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The composition of Vasnetsov’s picture “Bogatyri”