Composition on the theme “Defenders of the Fatherland”

The defender is the one who guards, protects, protects from hostile actions, intercedes for someone or for something.

People defend the world so that there is no war, they protect nature, orphans, weak, poor, oppressed, protect their country from enemies. In Russia there is a holiday – Defender of the Fatherland Day. To love your Motherland, protect it, protect it from enemies is the sacred duty of every citizen. Our boys are future defenders of the Motherland.

There are defenders in Russian history, to whom we owe our very existence. What did our ancestors protect? They defended their land from enemies, their freedom. From the Mongol-Tatars, from the German knights, from the Napoleonic troops in 1812, during the Great Patriotic War from the fascist-German conquerors.

Among the Russian defenders – Prince Dmitry Donskoy, Prince Alexander Nevsky, military leader Alexander Suvorov, who did not suffer a single defeat, Russia’s savior from Napoleon Mikhail

Kutuzov, Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal Georgy Zhukov.

The cause of the defense of the Motherland was called sacred. Indeed, the defense of the Fatherland is a sacred cause. And where did this conviction come from? Before the battle, the troops were “consecrated.” They seemed to touch the sacred symbols of the Fatherland – icons, banners, prayers. Defense of the Fatherland has always been an honorable duty.

The ancient bogatyrs fought with enemies in the name of peace and prosperity of Rus, defended their native land against all who encroached on its freedom. Among the epic heroes are Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich. In the story “Taras Bulba” writer N. V. Gogol told about how the Cossacks defended their land and from the Polish pans, and from the Tatars. They died on the battlefield with words of love for the Motherland.

Men defend the honor of the girl. Dueling took place in noble society. For example, in the story of Alexander Pushkin, we learned how Masha Mironov was insulted by Alexey Shvabrin, telling Grinev that instead of the verses

that Peter composed, she needed to give a pair of earrings. And he specified that he knows by experience the nature and custom of the girl. Grinev called him a liar. Shvabrin summoned him to a duel, and Peter accepted the challenge. It turns out that Shvabrin was wooing Masha Mironova. During the second duel, Shvabrin insidiously wounded Peter when he looked back at Savelich’s voice. Masha took care of the wounded, then she heard a declaration of love.

A real man is a defender. Boys are stronger. They should protect girls and children if they are offended. All the girls want the boys to protect them. You can hear this phrase: “This knight.” The boy must protect the girl and not give her offense. Our boys are knights in the shower, and each of them is ready to come at a difficult moment to help a friend or protect the girl’s life.

Will you defend your friend if you are badly spoken about in your presence? Will he protect you in a similar situation? We must protect our friends.

The younger brother or sister always feels smaller and weaker. They still do not know what can and can not be done. They need to help, protect them from other guys, see to it that everything is fine with them.

Who always protects us? Parents, and first of all, my mother. She will always understand us, comfort us, help in a difficult moment, protect us, and protect us from trouble.

Everyone can be an advocate. A person is good if he feels protection. And the one who protects, in the soul always feels proud.

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Composition on the theme “Defenders of the Fatherland”