How we decorated the Christmas tree for Christmas

Our house is old, pre-war. It stands on the central avenue of the city. Cars rush past, trolleys ring, trolley buses ring. Our house stands out among others in the quarter. It has only five floors, but it looks majestic and impressive. To match the house and the trees that make it even more attractive. It’s mostly old poplars. Among them – one spruce. No one will say when it was planted. Maybe even the first tenants at home. On it, and in winter and summer, the dark needles, the aroma of which on a sultry day reaches the apartments on the upper floor. Someone from the old-timers of the house says that once, long ago, the tenants dressed this fir on the eve of the New Year. Celebrated the whole house, had their own Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

The idea to decorate our Christmas tree for Christmas was filed by my neighbor, high school student Igor. This idea was liked by all. But the Christmas tree is so huge… Where to get so many toys? And we decided to make them

ourselves. In the course went the polymer bottles from under the mineral water, all kinds of drinks. They turned into flashlights, clowns, fairy-tale characters. Almost every apartment has allocated for the Christmas tree and ordinary toys. But then another problem arose: how to hang them? The Christmas tree is very high! Uncle Valery came to his aid; he works on a repair car, repairs trolleybus wires. With the help of the lift, which is equipped with this machine, we reached out to the very top of the spruce. On top of the head, kicked the cap, put on a tire of an old soccer ball. But previously painted it with colors, pasted sequins, sprinkled with confetti. A fancy “headpiece” for the Christmas tree came out. ” Our beauty has a hat! said Uncle Valery. “How can I get cold without it?”

Driving past our tree, trolleybuses and cars braked. Passers-by smiled, came closer. True, Santa Claus under the Christmas tree appeared already in the midst of the New Year holidays. The snow fell heavily, and we made Santa Claus out of the snow. On Christmas Eve we all gathered at our beauty and lit the Bengal lights.

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How we decorated the Christmas tree for Christmas