The work “The interaction of man and nature”

To write the essay “The relationship of man and nature,” you need to collect all the information that the student can put on the topic. And it can be not only independent thinking, but specific examples from newspapers, magazines, the Internet. You can use any scientific research or opinion polls – any information related to this topic will diversify the student’s writing. For example:

“It is known that every third person in Russia does not have the habit of constantly throwing garbage into the urn, because of which the pollution of our surrounding nature is constantly growing, increasing the work of janitors.”

Also, the student can draw information from his parents or grandparents who lived in the days of clean streets and ecology, which was much better than today.

Having collected all the necessary information on the topic “The relationship of man and nature,” the essay begins with the introduction.

It should

be the most voluminous and contain the most information. What exactly you will write depends on the direction you choose. But there are several standard options for the development of the theme “The relationship between man and nature.” The writing can only include your personal reasoning. For example:

“Ecology has become the main scourge of modern times, people suffer from diseases of the blood vessels, heart, respiratory system, low immunity.” Most of the time, these problems arise precisely because of poor ecology. “But, sadly, people created this problem on their own and continue to worsen their situation to this day. “

Also the student can resort to concrete examples and give arguments to his words:

“Scientific and technological progress is undoubtedly an important component of society’s life, but let’s look at the facts – the river Techa, which flows in the Chelyabinsk region, has become extremely dangerous due to radiation pollution.” China is recognized as one of the countries with the most polluted air. day, about a thousand

children die from environmental pollution, and so far the situation in the world has not improved. “

Using any option, the student will be able to maximally reveal the theme “The relationship between man and nature.” The writing on literature can also contain examples from works or historical books.

And the last, but not the least, part is the conclusion. In it, the student must sum up his reasoning and draw a conclusion. Most often, only our own reasoning and thoughts act here, which may be approximately the following:

“The most important thing is that each person can make a contribution and correct the current state of affairs.” Stop throwing garbage on the ground. “Dispose of waste according to rules and special points. Do not pollute rivers, but spend time outdoors, take away garbage with you or burn ( if this is permissible.) Only if each person complies with these rules, we will be able to overcome the problems with the environment. “

The student’s conclusion can be any, depending on his opinion. The main thing is that it should be supported by arguments in the main part. Then you will definitely get a high rating for your composition “The relationship of man and nature.”

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The work “The interaction of man and nature”