Epithets clothing words

The Russian poet and writer, the author of many stories for children and adults, VA Soloukhin said: “Epithets – clothes of words.” I agree with this statement, it is true, as it can be proved by the example of the text.

Epithets are bright definitions, they make speech more expressive, poetic, more beautiful. Just as a person dresses and transforms clothes, also epithets help to make speech more vivid and interesting. Epithet is a lexical phenomenon, vocabulary shows a person’s vocabulary. Its replenishment and everyday work on it will help improve speech, make it more accessible and understandable.

In sentence number five, the author of the text uses the epithet “mysterious creature”. So he calls the girl, the epithet is used to make the reader understand that the girl was unusual and interesting. Also in this sentence there is another lexical phenomenon – the metaphor “beautiful woman with golden eyes”. Here this phrase, of course, is used in a figurative sense. Her eyes were very beautiful and burned like gold, so the author called them that. In this artistic text one can find a comparison “watching him sternly, like a coach”. Vera looked after Gosha very carefully and carefully, so that he correctly fulfilled what she asked. Coaches also watch carefully their students.

To express their thoughts, in addition to vocabulary, grammar is also needed. It allows you to correctly betray a thought. In sentence number twenty-six, the author uses a number of synonyms “fit, fall, make a rack” Synonyms are needed to describe the sequence of actions.

With the help of examples we managed to prove that epithets make speech more beautiful and interesting, also to use lexical and grammatical phenomena correctly to construct speech, they are strongly interconnected.

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Epithets clothing words