How the beauty of nature can affect people

For example, now a person can not imagine his life without a vehicle, and a little more than a hundred years ago, mankind did well without it.

The low level of development of society was completely dependent on nature. That is why in ancient times people settled in places where living conditions were as comfortable as possible. So, from history we know that people mainly lived on the banks of large rivers, in southern countries and countries that are close to the equator. Thanks to the good climate of these places, a person had to spend less effort on making clothes and erecting a home.

It is necessary to note the positive influence of nature on man. For example, clean air is rich in oxygen, which has a positive effect on health. For example, you can consider the situation with running. So, a person, running on the asphalt, is able to run much less runner, who chooses the forest. Sunlight allows the body to receive vitamin D. Therefore, it can safely be said that sun baths in a reasonable amount are good for health. The source of life is also water, because without it a person can not exist. Sea water is also useful, which allows the body to fight various infections and sores. Attention deserve and medical sources, keys and geysers. And it’s nice to be in the natural silence.

Many activists who fought for the purity of nature, previously claimed that man is the cause of many natural changes. And if this was only a few years ago, today we can personally see this. For example, snow began to fall, where it had never existed before. In some countries, the drought annually sets new records. And someone on the contrary, suffers from unprecedented hurricanes and floods. Snowy winter is increasingly frustrating rainy weather, and a joyous summer has turned into a time of fires and unbearable heat.

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How the beauty of nature can affect people