Saga “The Battle of the Magyour” in brief

On the northern islands lived the Tribes of the Goddess Danu, who comprehended magic, charms and secret knowledge. They possessed four greatest treasures: Lug’s spear, Nuad’s sword, Dagda’s cauldron, and the stone of Lia Fall, who screamed under everyone who was destined to rule Ireland. The tribes of the Goddess sailed on a multitude of ships and burned them, just as they set foot on the ground. Garbage and smoke enveloped the whole sky then – that’s why it is believed that the Goddess Tribes emerged from the smoky clouds. In the first battle of the Mag Thuiren, they fought with the tribes of Thir Bolg and turned them into flight.

In this battle, Nuadu was cut off his hand, and the healer Dian Kecht put his hand out of silver. Nouadou could not be ruled by Ireland, so strife broke out – and after much controversy it was decided to give the royal power to Bres.

Bres was the son of Elata, the ruler of the Fomors.

One day, Erie,

a woman from the Goddess Tribes, came to the sea and suddenly saw a silver ship, and on the deck stood a warrior with golden hair and a golden robe. He joined Erie and said that she would have a son named Eohide Bres, Eohide the Beautiful – everything that is beautiful in Ireland will be compared to this boy.

Before disappearing, Elata removed a gold ring from his finger, ordering not to give or sell it to anyone other than the one who would have it fit.

When Bress took royal power, the three rulers of the Fomors – Indech, Elat and Tetra – imposed Ireland on tribute. Even great husbands carried a service: Oghma was carrying firewood, and Dagda was building fortresses. Many then began to murmur, for their knives were no longer covered in fat, and mouths did not smell of drunkenness.

Once the filid of the Goddess of Corpus came to Brees and uttered the first song of reproach in Ireland – from that day the king lost his power.

Tribes of the Goddess decided to transfer the kingdom to another, but Bres asked for a reprieve in seven years. He did this to gather husbands from

the Fomor sideways and to subdue Ireland by force, Erie led Bress to the hill, from which she had once seen a silver ship. She took out the golden ring, which the king had to fit on the middle finger.

Then the mother and her son went to the Fomors. Elata sent Bres to Balor and Indeha, who led the army. A string of ships stretched from the Islands of Strangers to Ireland itself – it was a formidable and terrible army.

And the Tribes of the Goddess were again chosen King Nuadu with the Silver Hand. Once came to the gate of Tara a warrior named Samildanah – this was the nickname of Luga. Nuadou ordered to let him in to experience.

Convinced of the warrior’s multifariousness, the Goddess Tribes decided that he would help them get rid of the bondage of the Fomors, and Nuadu exchanged places with him. Lug met with Dagda and Ogma, as well as with the brothers Nuadu Goibniu and Dian Kecht. The Druids and the healers, the blacksmiths and the charioteers promised to help them. Dagda connected with a woman named Morrigan, and she vowed to crush Indeo: drain the blood in his heart and take away the buds of valor. Before the battle, the greatest of the Goddess Tribe gathered at Lug. The smith Goebniu said that no forged tip will not fly past the target, and the pierced skin will not grow together forever. Dian Kecht said that he would heal any wounded Irishman. Oghma said that one-third of the enemies would be killed. Kopre said that he would blaspheme and defame the Fomors, in order to weaken their stamina. Dagda said that he would use a wonderful club,

When the battle began at Mag Tuired, the kings with the leaders did not immediately engage in battle. They saw the Fomors that the dead do not return, and in the Tribes of the Goddess, those who have been slaughtered again come into battle thanks to the art of Diane Kehta.

The blunt and cracked weapon of the Fomors disappeared without a trace, and the blacksmith Goibniu tirelessly updated his spears, swords and darts. The Fomorians did not like this, and they sent Ruadan, the son of Bres and Brig, the daughters of Dagda, to find out about the plots of the Goddess Tribes. Ruadan tried to kill Goibniu, but he fell at the hands of the blacksmith. Then Brig came forward – she burst into tears and cried out over her son’s body, and this was the first funerary crying in Ireland.

At last kings and leaders entered the battle. The Irish did not want to let Lugh into the battle, but he escaped from the guards and took the helm of the Goddess Tribes. Streams poured blood through the white bodies of brave warriors. Scary was the noise of the struggle, the horrors of the heroes were terrible, when they collided with bodies, swords, spears and shields.

Balor with the Destructive Eye struck Nuad with the Silver Hand, and then Lug himself came out against him. Bad was the eye of Balor: he was only opened on the battlefield, when four soldiers raised the eyelid of a smooth stick passing through him. Lug threw a stone from his sling and kicked his eyes over his head, so Balor’s army saw him, and three times nine Fomors were rowed. Morrigan began to encourage the warriors of the Goddess Tribes, urging them to fight fiercely and mercilessly. Many leaders and royal sons fell in battle, and simple and unimportant warriors died without counting. The battle ended with the flight of the Fomors – they were driven to the sea itself. Lug captivated Bres, and he begged for mercy. Then asked Lug how to plow the Irish, how to sow and how to reap, – Bres said that he should plow on Tuesday, sow the fields on Tuesday, harvest on Tuesday. This answer saved Bres his life.

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Saga “The Battle of the Magyour” in brief