Writing a description of nature

Behind the magic cloud, the night hid, and a pink morning came down to the ground. The sun is about to rise. His rays are already catching fire on the horizon. Expect the morning everything: plants, animals, people.

But why is it not yet? Maybe he is still sleeping in a sweet dream? And maybe it was in a quarrel with the earth and does not want to shine any more? What now? And yet, the east is gradually turning pink. Finally, as if from under the blanket, the sun rose above the horizon, majestic, beautiful.

Quickly lit by a beam of water, a forest, surrounding fields, people’s houses. The earth sparkled in its radiance with a green carpet. When the ray of the sun touched my face, I woke up, smiled at him, opened my eyes and joyfully met a new day.

Most of all I love spring. This, in my opinion, is the most beautiful time of the year.

In spring everything on earth wakes up to a new life. Snow melts, a young green grass appears. On the trees and bushes

leaflets are blossoming. In spring, migratory birds return to us: starlings, rooks, storks. They begin to build nests, prepare houses for future chicks.

I like to watch the spring nature. See how everything around is updated, decorated after a winter sleep. Funny sing streams, all the voices glorify the arrival of spring feathered musicians. The air is filled with the fragrant smell of plants. Spring is an update in nature. That’s why I love her.

I really love meeting the first outbursts of a new day’s awakening. Long before the sun, the sun announces its arrival. It paints with its rays the night sky, extinguishes the dawns.

I like to meet the sun, the game and the thrill of the morning flashes of its rays. First, a scarlet red strip appears on the horizon. Then it becomes orange, pink, and then the sun filled all around. And as if for the first time you see a green leaf, a tree that grows up to my window, and a fog over my native city, which wakes up to a new day.

And then dawn changes a new day, filled with cares of people’s lives, and I hear a tender: “Good morning,


So it was a warm summer. Autumn has come. Unconsciously, she crept up to our gardens, fields, groves, forests. At the end of August the trees began to hide in yellow leaves, and now it was already shining in the sun, like gold. The trees stood in crimson, yellow leaves, which slowly fell to the ground. The earth was covered with colored leaves, as if walking on a beautiful carpet. I like to listen to the rustle of fallen leaves, to look at the magical murals of autumn on the maple leaves. A short Indian summer flashed, it began to chill with a cold, the feathered musicians were silent. And now it’s time to say goodbye to the golden autumn.

In the picture of Catherine Belokur – wonderful flowers against the background of a clean, fair sky. They can be divided into two bouquets. One, the neighbor, is in the shade, the second is more expressive, light, shining with the sun’s rays. There are few colors: red, green, white, blue. But many intermediate paints are used.

I think a craftswoman loves nature, immensely in love with flowers. And there are a lot of them. They are drawn to the sun by pink mallow. A winding birch trudged along the birch branch. Charming eyes are snow-white daisies and orange lilies, rosy red tulips and nasturtium with cherry veins on petals.

The painting fascinates with the harmony of colors and shapes, captures beauty and skill.

How wonderful it is to walk a thin ribbon of pathways and forgetting about everything.

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Writing a description of nature