The theme of the Great Patriotic War

War. This term in itself inspires in the heart of any person horror and confusion. Neither she nor the war did without casualties and destruction. She always bore grief and suffering, doomed children to orphanhood, turned young women into widows, elderly parents lost their children. But the most massive and destructive was the Great Patriotic War.

Just think – more than twenty million people died in this war! No wonder it is called the Second World War. Hitler’s Germany before the attack on the USSR carried out a series of military operations against many countries of the world, capturing them and destroying not only cities, but also many historical monuments. This fate has not been avoided and our country.

For long four years this bloody, monstrous war lasted. Many of the peoples of the Union of Socialist Republics stood up for the defense of the Motherland and stood up in an unequal struggle! Despite the fact that the invaders had good technical equipment,

were preparing to capture in advance, had experienced military commanders in the army – this did not save them from defeat!

Adolf Hitler miscalculated! He greatly underestimated our people by betting on their army. But the love of Soviet people for the fatherland allowed to frustrate the enemy’s plans. Germany was compelled to sign an act of unconditional surrender.

The victory in this war was not accidental. Our people fought “from small to large.” Soldiers fought at the front. Old men, women and children “fought” at factory and factory machines, sewed clothes and sent parcels with warm clothes to front-line soldiers, helped our soldiers hide from the Germans and even were connected with the partisans. Everyone contributed to the common cause.

The Great Patriotic War. It brought misfortune to every Soviet family, but it did not break our people! We remember and honor the memory of our ancestors, who gave us peace and a clear sky above our heads!

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The theme of the Great Patriotic War