Summary Happy Prince Wilde

The Happy Prince The beautiful sculpture of the Happy Prince, studded with precious stones and covered in gold, stood on a column high above the city, causing universal admiration. Once in the autumn the Swallow flew over the city, he strove to warm places, left his beloved home-child-Trot, she did not like travel and only flirted with the Wind. The starling decided to rest at the feet of the statue and settled comfortably between the shoes of the Happy Prince. Suddenly a heavy drop fell on the bird, looking around The Starling saw that the Prince was crying and this his tears fell on him. The prince was hurt to see the misery and grief that prevailed in the city, although he had a pewter heart.

The prince asked Skvorts to stay for a few days. All these days the Swallow wore jewels to poor people from a sculpture: a seamstress received a ruby ​​from a sword to help a sick son; poor young playwright-eye-sapphire; a girl who dropped matches for sale, in a ditch – a second

sapphire. Winter came, and the Swallow did not fly away, he stayed with the Prince, told him about Egypt, where he himself was so eager. The starling gave out all the gold that covered the leaflet behind the leaflet and died, and the tin heart of the Happy Prince split. The statue has become ugly. She was removed from the column and melted down, and the heart of the Prince and the dead Starling was thrown into the dump. There, the Angel was found, whom the Lord asked to bring all the most precious things he could find in this city.

The Boy and the Giant Children played daily in the wonderful garden of the Giant, and when the owner of the garden, after seven years of absence, returned from the guests, he drove all the children out of his garden. Then he put the fence and hung the sign, forbidding me to enter its territory. The children were sad, they had nowhere else to play. Spring came, and in the Giant Garden continued the winter – there were no more children, so the birds did not come to the garden: who were they to sing their wonderful songs? Autumn, too, passed by the garden.

One morning, the

Giant heard a wonderful music – a bird-sheep sang his song. He looked out the window and saw that the children had settled on the branches of trees, a hole appeared in the dilapidated fence, into which the children climbed. The branches of the tree on which the children were sitting blossomed with wonderful flowers. Only one corner of the tree was shrouded in winter, a small boy could not get there himself. The giant came out, the children fled in fright, winter returned to the garden. Only one little boy remained, not noticing the terrible owner of the garden. The giant helped the boy to climb onto the branch, and the latter thanked him and hugged him.

The giant broke the fence so that children could play freely in it and began to play with them. And when the children came to the Giant to wish him good night, the little boy was not with them. The giant was very upset and sad, and then completely bored, as this boy did not appear any more. The giant was quite old, and one winter morning he saw one beautiful tree in the corner of the garden covered with beautiful white flowers. Under the tree, he saw the same boy, the boy’s arms and legs were gaping. The enraged Giant asked: who dared to do this? And the boy reassured him by answering that “these are the wounds of Love” and invited the Giant to his always open garden for him. When the children came to the garden, they saw the Giant strewn with beautiful white flowers, lying under a tree.

A faithful friend One morning, an old Water-rat looked out of its hole. She saw that the duck was training her children to stand in the pond upside down and sentences that they could never get into a good society without it. The Water Rat noticed the duck that a good society is, of course, good, but real friendship is much better. Hearing this Linnet began to tell the story of the Faithful Friend known to her.

Once upon a time there lived a nice boy named Hans. He was like everyone else and did not differ anything special, except that his heart was kind and the face was fun and funny. He had a favorite, small garden, Hans loved him very much and grew flowers there. There were many friends with Hans, but Big Gyu-Melnik was the most devoted of them. The miller was rich and so devoted to Hans that every time he passed by the garden of Hans, he collected from him a huge bouquet of flowers or poured all his pockets. And every time he said that friends should have everything in common. Miller, of course, never thanked Hans anything. I never visited him in the winter and did not invite me to my place, suddenly jealousy would spoil Hans.

Here spring came again and Miller went to Hans for the first flowers. Hans was going to sell flowers to buy back his wheelbarrow, which he had to lay in the winter. But Miller collected all the flowers in his huge basket, and in exchange invited Hans to give his old, broken wheelbarrow. Hans agreed, saying that he would fix the wheelbarrow, because he has a board. Hearing this, Miller began to ask Hans, as a real friend, to repair this board with his roof, because he would give him a wheelbarrow. Hans agreed, you can not refuse a friend. Then Miller began to constantly ask Hans for various services, he would give Hans a wheelbarrow. Hans agreed, and his garden remained with Hans unattended when he was working there?

One night, a child became ill with Miller. In the street there was a terrible storm, but you need to go for the doctor. The miller asked Hans for this service, but he did not give him a flashlight, suddenly something will happen with a new lantern! On the way back, Hans drowned in the swamp, having lost his way. At the funeral of Hans came all, because everyone loved him. And the Miller was the most grieved. What was he going to do with the old wheelbarrow? At home, she took a place, no one would give her money, she was very much broken. And he decided to continue to be more circumspect, to promise nothing to anyone, so that his generosity would not harm people. The Water Rat could not understand this story and went to her room. The linnet decided that she was offended, because she did not tell a simple story, but with morality.

A wonderful rocket The palace was preparing for the wedding of the prince and the beautiful princess from distant Russia. At the far end of the garden, the court engineer was preparing for fireworks, because the beautiful princess had never seen fireworks. The Roman Candle, Petarda and the Fiery Roundabout at this time discussed the world of People. Carousel, in her youth was in love with the Christmas tree box, believed that love does not exist, Petarda considered the world beautiful, and for the Roman Candle it was very large. This conversation was interrupted by a sharp cough Patron, who was tied to a long stick. He uttered a very long and selfish speech, in which no one could insert words. It follows from Patron’s speech that the prince was lucky to have his wedding on such a significant day when the Patron will be launched. He called everyone rude and sobbed, and when they began to talk to him,

Naturally, when all the prepared charges painted the sky, provoking the admiration and laughter of the princess, the raw Patron remained, and was thrown into the ditch the next day. The patron was not upset, he decided that he was sent to improve his health on the waters. Only the local society he did not like. The frog spoke only of itself, but he told her that in his honor the wedding of the prince and the princess had been organized, despite the fact that the frog had already floated away. Duck and Dragonfly also did not listen to him and quickly retired. Only the boys who collected firewood threw a dirty pole into the fire when they warmed the water in the kettle. The boys fell asleep, the cartridge went dry and exploded, but the boys did not wake. The stick fell on the back of the Goose and so frightened the bird that she escaped, the Patron went out, convinced that he had made a splash.

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Summary Happy Prince Wilde