Profession teacher

The profession of the teacher is one of the most respected, honorable and responsible professions. It can be said that the teacher creates the future of the country, since the versatility of the development of knowledge of the younger generation, his beliefs, worldview, moral qualities largely depends on his work. Pedagogical activity requires a special vocation.

Education and training can engage people with a penchant and love for this cause. The teacher should love and pass on his knowledge to others, get carried away by the process of teaching and educating a person. The success of pedagogical activity largely depends on the communicative abilities of the teacher, on his ability to establish the right relationship with children. The work of the teacher makes great demands on his attention. The teacher works with the whole class, and he needs to keep a lot of students in sight. He must be able to notice all the changes in their behavior.

Thus, observation, attention distribution,

and its switching are professionally important qualities of the teacher. Pedagogical activity requires from the person and certain strong-willed qualities: endurance, patience, consistency, perseverance, self-control. He must control his behavior, manage it. It is very important in the profession of the teacher speech, which should be different expressiveness, emotionality, persuasiveness. The teacher should be able to express their thoughts competently, clearly, simply, clearly for the children.

Most of the specialists who received a pedagogical education work in the secondary school as primary school teachers, teachers of individual disciplines. The teacher’s work is also used in boarding schools, in working youth schools, vocational schools, technical schools, in pre-school institutions. In addition to the above-listed professional qualities, the subject teacher must have abilities in a particular field of science (mathematics, physics, literature, etc.).

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Profession teacher