Economy of the Central District of Russia

1. Which sectors of the economy were promoted by the natural resources of the Central District?

As you may have noticed, the Central District is not rich in natural resources. In the area there have never been significant reserves of minerals that could determine the development of its economy. At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. The suburban Moscow brown coal basin was of great importance for the development of power engineering. It was opened in 1722, developed since 1855 and by now its reserves are almost exhausted. Coal mining is carried out in the Moscow Region basin mainly underground, in addition, low heat of combustion allows using this coal only as a working fuel.

The peat reserves are significant in the northern part of the Central Region and in the Mescherskaya Lowland.

Of mineral raw materials, only phosphate reserves are of industrial importance, on the basis of which the production of mineral fertilizers is developed.

Industrial logging

can only be carried out in the Kostroma region.

2. Compare the indicators of the leading industries of the Central region with the average Russian indicators. Where is the most significant gap observed? Can I explain it?

Close to the average Russian indicators of such industries of the Central region as the electric power industry, chemical and timber industry. A significant gap is observed in the indicators of the fuel industry and the metallurgical complex. But the share of machine building, light and food industry is 1.5 times more. The difference in indicators can be explained by the factors of location of these industries. For the development of the fuel industry and metallurgy there are not enough raw materials. The development of machine building, light and food industries has developed historically in the Central region, and is also conditioned by the availability of the consumer.

3. In your opinion, which branches of the economy should become the basis for the specialization of the Central District in the near future and why?

The central region is the leader in implementing market reforms.

Capital investments in the economy of the region are highly efficient, so the region now has excellent prospects for economic development, which are related to the improvement of the management system, the restoration and development of economic ties with the countries of near and far abroad. The region occupies leading positions in foreign economic activity: its share in exports with non-CIS countries is 34%, and in imports – more than 55%. Export specialization of the region will be determined by instrumentation, electrical engineering, automotive, aviation, oil refining and petrochemical industries.

Modernized in accordance with the requirements of the time, the agribusiness sector will also have a great importance for the region, since it is the most populous region.

Being the concentration of a huge number of historical monuments, cultural and scientific potential, banking institutions, the district will continue to specialize in educational, tourist activities, credit and financial services.

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Economy of the Central District of Russia