The problem of fathers and children

The problem of fathers and children is relevant at any time. No wonder many writers devoted their works to this problem. In our time, this problem is encountered in almost every family. When a child is small, he sincerely shows his love towards his parents. For him, these are close people who are always there, take care and protect.

In the process of how a child grows up and becomes a teenager, his attitude towards parents, and in general to life, changes radically. At this age, there is a restructuring of the whole body, hormones are raging, and you want to soon become an adult. Although many teenagers already consider themselves fully adult and able to make their own decisions, dispose of their lives. They stop listening to their parents, believing that they are no longer authority. Because of a misunderstanding of two generations, conflicts usually occur.

Adolescents are characterized by youthful maximalism when one wants everything at once. Parents, in turn, consider

their child still small and helpless. In fact, for our parents, we will always be children who need their care. Adults continue to teach and guide the way true, as it was in childhood, but the teenager considers himself to be an adult and independent, therefore does not consider it necessary to obey his relatives. Parents can fall, scream and deprive the child of anything.

Being at such a dangerous age, teenagers are capable of ill-considered actions. In the modern world, there are times when children kill their parents. Of course, because the screen is almost propagandized violence, showing films about murderers and maniacs. Teenagers should remember that if it were not for parents, they would not exist at all. Parents did everything to raise their children and provide them with a future. Moms and dads are not eternal, so while they are alive, you need to protect them and take care of them. They are the most precious thing that is in our lives and the people closest to us.

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The problem of fathers and children