Biography of Ivan Mazepa

Ivan Stepanovich Mazepa – hetman of Ukraine, statesman, politician.

Ivan Mazepa was born on March 20, 1639, near the White Church. Education in the biography of Mazepa was received at the Kiev-Mohyla collegium. After his graduation, Mazeppa went to Warsaw to the Jesuit Collegium. Was close to the court of King Jan Casimir, so he went to study in European countries: Italy, Germany, France.

In 1665, in the biography of Mazepa, the post of Chernigov saddle was occupied, and in 1659 he became captain of the guard of Hetman Doroshenko. In 1674 he got to the Zaporozhye Cossacks, where several years later he became a general captain. In July 1687 Mazepa became the left-bank hetman. Participated in campaigns against the Crimean Khanate, organized by Golitsyn. Then Mazepa gained the trust of Peter the Great, went with him to fight in Azov. In 1804, Mazepa took the right-bank part of Ukraine.

After the unsuccessful battles of Russia with the Swedes, Mazepa joined the Swedish side and Charles XII. After that, Peter destroyed the Zaporozhian Sich, Menshikov’s troops destroyed the Mazepa’s residence in Baturin. In 1709, Karl called Mazepa a lifelong “legitimate prince of Ukraine.”

In 1708, Peter decided to elect a new hetman, which became Ivan Skoropadsky. A few days later, in November 1708, Mazepa was condemned, then executed a symbolic execution and awarded the Order of Judas. After Peter’s victory over the Swedes in the biography of Ivan Mazepa, he fled to Bender, where he died on September 22, 1709.

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Biography of Ivan Mazepa