The Power of Man

As soon as I first began to study psychology, I realized how much we, people, are strong internally, but as a rule we do not know about it. I realized that in man lies a truly enormous power, this is the power of his spirit. However, since our childhood, this force is trying to suppress us. It is understandable, because a depressed, morally weak person, it is very easy to manage. The human psyche is designed in such a way that it initially feels superior to others. The behavior of children is a direct confirmation of this. The child’s psyche is imprisoned for suppression, this is the same as in animals that try to circumvent their brothers and sisters in the fight for mother’s milk.

We do not know who we are, and why we are here, we can only guess about it. But we see that for our survival in this world, in us are laid the most necessary qualities for this. But in the social environment, in us, generations are laid down by humility, obedience, fear, so that it is postponed

at the genetic level. Thus, our inner strength is suppressed for many generations. The word “impossible”, just for such people with a depressed psyche. Ancient rituals, shamanic rituals, all of them were aimed at training the psyche. North American Indians, managed to completely destroy only when they destroyed all the shamans. It was the shamans who made the invaders invincible, they so pumped their psyche that they were not afraid of anything, and if a person does not fear anything, it is impossible to defeat him.

In sports, in business, in any kind of activity, everywhere you need a solid character and strength of mind. This is all, the mental state of a person, which can be trained, or suppressed. Manipulation of people, this is a skilful application of knowledge of psychology with a view to obtaining personal benefits. And although I have more than once convinced myself that all people can be manipulated, regardless of their mental state, yet people with a weak psyche are subject to this much more. You can pick up the key to any person, but a weak person, it’s just an open door. But

a person with a pumped psyche, this is an insurmountable wall. The character must be tempered, the psyche must be trained.

Of course there are people who have this in order, they are not depressed people, adapted to life. They are like an untreated stone, for them nothing is impossible. Everything in this life lends itself to training, and the psyche is no exception. If you were humiliated, oppressed, oppressed in childhood – it does not matter, believe me. You can become a strong person, you can change and move away from your past, if you just stop tolerating your weakness and start working on yourself, or with the help of a good specialist.

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The Power of Man