The struggle of good and evil in the soul of man

E. Sikirich talks about the conversation of an old Indian with his grandson about good and evil. Grandfather figuratively compares these most important moral categories with two wolves, who fight in the soul of each person. One of them is associated with him with low and vile human qualities, and the other beast – with the purest and noblest. The author reflects on the fact that each of us faces a choice of what kind of wolf to develop in ourselves, and gives very clever advice how to help the second wolf to win.

E. Sikirich is sure that each of us can become a kind person, only for this we must believe, love and dream.

I fully share the author’s point of view. It is up to us to decide what qualities we will develop in ourselves, good or bad, and what kind of wolf we will give food: kind, decent and honest or evil, treacherous and cruel.

A classic example of heroes, personifying good and evil, are the characters of the story of M. Gorky “Old Woman Izergil.” Danko, who loves people and gave his life for their salvation, and Larra, a symbol of selfishness and anger, have become for all ages an example of how good and evil in the soul of a man decide his fate.

Yuri Korotkov has a very interesting story, “Gray”, whose hero Oleg, “losing” as a child mother, offended by the whole white world, “fed” in his soul the first wolf. From a kind and sympathetic boy, he turned into an indifferent, selfish guy who believed only because of his fist. And only the death of a friend of Alexander, who saved him, Oleg, life, will force the hero to open his heart to people.
Thus, I can conclude that good and evil live in everyone’s soul and depend only on ourselves how to become a good and not an evil person.

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The struggle of good and evil in the soul of man