What are riddles?

Who among us does not like to solve riddles? It’s so cool – to break your head over something interesting, to show your erudition and flashing with knowledge! But now we will talk about what a mystery is, and what it can be.

The riddle is one of the kinds of folklore genre, which implies a poetic allegorical reproduction of a phenomenon or object. It is based on the rapprochement of the distant regions of the object-material world metaphorically and, of course, involves testing the guesser on intelligence. Sometimes the puzzle can be formulated in the form of a direct but tricky question – for example – “What will the goat after seven years?”, The answer will be that it will only go to the eighth year.

Riddles allow you to see in the most common things a poetic and unexpected side. Also, thanks to riddles, you can train smart, learn to think logically, and sometimes paradoxically.

The structure of puzzles is usually characterized by compositional clarity and extreme brevity. The rhythmic structure is emphasized by rhyme and rich sound. Here are a few examples: without hands, without legs – on the shoulder of a crook. The answer is the yoke. But another mystery – who carries his own house? The answer is a snail.

In addition to the usual, traditional puzzles that are based on the play of words, there are also comic riddles, and this is puzzles and charades.

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What are riddles?