Composition “How I understand happiness”

Everyone will agree that happiness is the achievement of the desired goal. Any person who aspires to achieve his goal, himself determines the circumstances that contribute to his happiness. And, if he came to the desired result, he considers himself to be happy. We can say with confidence that all people are different. Someone wants to earn a lot of capital. For someone it is important to get a good education so that you can subsequently have a successful career. And some are eager to get married successfully. Therefore, everyone has a different idea of ​​happiness.

The time has come when I began to wonder, and what for me is happiness. I believe that there is no age limit for happiness. True happiness does not depend on factors such as a financial situation, successful work or a successful marriage. I am sure that happiness is an inner, deep state of contentment. Many on personal experience have convinced that the presence of all these benefits does not bring a genuine sense

of happiness. Because of a misconception about happiness, one can live all his life and not experience a feeling of complete satisfaction, which is called happiness. So it would be nice to think about it early.

Here is how the famous Italian poet and writer Giovanni Boccaccio expressed himself: It often happens that a person considers happiness to be far from himself, and it has already come to him inaudible steps. In other words, you can pursue your whole life for different purposes, and without experiencing happiness, which, perhaps, was near. Therefore, happiness does not depend on circumstances, it is determined by the mood. Your mood, too, need to be adjusted. For example, for the same situation, two people look differently. One sees the glass half empty, the other half full.

Now it’s safe to sum up that for me happiness. Nevertheless, I hold this opinion, happiness is the ability to appreciate what already exists. My happiness is my family, a warm and cozy home, reliable and faithful friends. I’m really happy when we all gather at the same table with the whole family, we share our impressions of the day we lived. I am glad when I have the opportunity to support those who need my help. Understanding that my help to someone is necessary, brings me pleasure and joy, I feel happy. It turns out that much is not needed for happiness. Therefore, to remain happy, the main thing is not to change your views.

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Composition “How I understand happiness”