Painting by Tropinin “Lacemaker”

Portrait of a diligent and diligent lace maker VA Tropinin – the brightest example of a characteristic portrait. The image of a young pretty girl, bent over her handiwork, amazes with the truthfulness and vividness of colors. The artist’s skill breathes life into the eyes and gestures of his heroine, written with incredible accuracy and sympathy.

The image of this simple toiler is extremely attractive. The gentle blush of youth, the touching curl of hair on the temple, the quick and thin fingers are the lovely features of an ordinary serf girl whose art and inspiration has turned into a daily and laborious work.

The face of the lace is gently illuminated by the golden rays of the sun, it radiates warmth and pacification. Long hours spent on their work, this girl is accustomed to silence and seclusion. She is very calm and serene. Favorite needlework gives her peace and time for slow thinking. But someone suddenly called to the master, something distracted her

attention, and she turns her interested and childishly curious look to the viewer. These full of genuine interest dark, shining eyes, at the same time, incredibly calm, give out young energy and a thirst for life, hidden under a balanced-proud shell.

The image of the heroine of the portrait is thought of by the great author to the smallest detail. Dark hair, neatly gathered and chopped on the back of the head, the simplicity of the dress and the light kerchief thrown over the shoulders speak not only of the natural restraint of nature, but also the precise awareness of its subordinate position. The observance of the conventions, the sweet shyness and modesty of the manners that existed among the serf maidens of those times, left their imprint on this marvelous image, which the artist frankly admires.

The wide spread of flawlessly dark eyebrows, the mysterious half-smile, the soft, natural kindness of the features of this young face, the pleasant roundness of the hands attract the eye and force the author to admire the created image of an honest hard worker whose young life passes in skillful work. But not even a very perceptive spectator can discern in the image of a girl a true love for his needlework. Her bent over lace mill gives a sincere desire to create wonderful things, and in this difficult work and consists of her little happiness.

“Lacemaker” Tropinin – a magnificent portrait, glorifying the youth and diligence of the most simple bonded people. And, looking at him, each person feels genuine warmth and respect for true art.

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Painting by Tropinin “Lacemaker”