Composition “Profession investigator”

Composition “Profession investigator”

In the days of doubt, in the days of painful meditations about the fate of my homeland… “Before that, Turgenev’s meaningful words for me have been coming to mind more and more often since the country is tormented by a deep crisis and can not see its end. and each person individually. One of the most important problems is crime.

Television infested programs of a criminal nature. And yet there is a hope that the country will come to better times. And this mission is imposed on police officers. Stress, concentration, dexterity, knowledge and dedication – these qualities are necessary for police officers, in order to make the right decision within minutes, on which the outcome of the operation depends, and sometimes the life of a person. A modest, but very important

role in capturing criminals is with the investigator.

In 15-17 years, it is probably difficult to choose the one, unique profession, which you will then give away for many years of life. But I was lucky, I knew from the early childhood that I would be an investigator.

Many guys are very fond of fascinating detectives, and some even do not want to read or watch anything else. They dream of choosing the specialty of an investigator. I also belong to their number.

About the hard work of the investigator, the strength of his mind and the courage of his exploits, countless books are written, films are made, performances and television programs are staged.

Among the most famous works about detectives. “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle, works by Agatha Christie. Among contemporary writers of the detective genre, Dontsova, Marinina, and Ustinova are more often seen in the press.

My idol and teacher is Sherlock Holmes. This is my favorite character. He is the most kind, intelligent, talented, fearless. He remains always calm and seasoned. His logic and common sense always win. He could read… as we read the book. I could “read” a person by his gait, according to his views. By habits. Although this hero and fiction, but still there are such people, although

not enough.

So I want to become. I try to be observant, analyzing the situation, I’m interested in Holmes’s famous deductive method.

I’m interested in everything mysterious, mysterious. I try to understand the secrets of human actions – it’s always interesting.

But most importantly, the purpose of my activities will be to fight against robbers, rapists, the disclosure of mysterious murders, grandiose scams.

Today, many crimes remain unsolved, especially those related to corruption, contract killings.

The cases of investigators are connected with the criminal world, and hence with people for whom the norm of life is a lie, meanness, betrayal, deceit and hypocrisy. But I want in the future that out of all the reworkings associated with criminals and descended people to emerge victorious, keeping cool, sober mind and self-esteem, while remaining true to the ideals of good and justice.

But for this it is necessary, from childhood, to develop one’s mind and observation, to acquire a vast knowledge. It is necessary to strengthen and temper your body, to develop courage and will power, to comprehend the art of single combat and other qualities of workers in this profession.

Another main feature distinguishes the real investigator. This is the most important feature – respect for the law. It is important not only to guess who committed the crime. After all, the guess can sometimes turn out to be wrong. The offender can throw false evidence to direct the investigation along an erroneous path. A mistake of the investigator can save from punishment of this criminal and can put an honest man under attack.

Therefore, it is necessary to collect material evidence, which unequivocally denounce the offender.

Of course, it is very difficult to do everything alone in our time alone. Crimes are becoming more complex and sophisticated, even in whole groups. Therefore, modern investigators are working as brigades.

I do not want to copy the work of “Slaughter Department” from the series “Cops”; they have their own methods of work and methods of investigation. I want to become a modern Sherlock Holmes, humane, disinterested and love people the way a hero of the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle was able to love. Otherwise, there is nothing to begin with. Mediocrity should not be wanted.

Someone may think that the investigator’s work is fully subject to men only, but I consider this opinion erroneous. Take at least Agatha Christie. She owes the glory of the world to criminal stories. She was awarded many literary prizes, as well as the Order of the British Empire of the third degree. This honor was not awarded to all the eminent nobles. The image of her simple modest Miss Jane Marple is no less attractive and interesting than the men who are detectives. I bow to strong women who were not afraid of difficulties and joined the same line with men. They were not afraid to look into the eyes of death. Yes, death!

Therefore, I do not lose hope of achieving my dream: to become an investigator.

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Composition “Profession investigator”