What is courage?

In the composition there are references to the story of V. Krapivin “Medal”.

Option 1

I think courage is an ability, without thinking about anything, to come to the rescue in a difficult moment, even if your own life is threatened. Courage is an outstanding courage.

It was her that was demonstrated by Volodya, the hero of the story of V. Krapivin, who bravely saved the horses from death on fire. Of course, he risked, but did not think about it. Volodya managed to untie all, and only then left the burning stables himself.

Courageous can be called the act of the famous swimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan, who saved twenty people who fell to the Yerevan lake in a crowded trolleybus.

Courage is the quality of strong, fearless, selfless people!

Option 2

I believe that courage is determination, fearlessness, manifested in a dangerous, critical situation. Brave people appear when something threatens the lives of others.

In the story

of the fire, which almost killed the horses in the village stable, Volodya showed courage, who, without hesitation, rushed to the aid of the animals. In the riot of fire, he was able to untie all the horses to the last and saved them, running out at the last second, when the fire was already close. This, without a doubt, is a brave act.

Fires, unfortunately, happen often in real life. Every now and then we hear about real brave souls who throw themselves into the fire to save others. Recently, the hero of the news was Mikhail Abrosimov, who, rescuing his four-year-old son from a fire, jumped out with him from the window of the seventh floor. Fortunately, both of them remained alive.

Courage is a property of people with a capital letter, and it is wonderful that truly brave people are among us.

Option 3

For me, courage is courage and dedication, taken together. This is the ability to show resourcefulness and fearlessness in a difficult moment. As a rule, courageous people do not think about themselves, but about the lives of others.

Courage is a quality demonstrated by a hero named Volodya

from a read story of V. Krapivin. The boy, without hesitation, rushed to the aid of horses, who were tied up in a burning stable. At the risk of his life, he freed them all. Volodya did not get scared, did not run away when the fire was very close.

We all also remember how during the flood in the Far East rescuers, working 15 hours in a row to strengthen the dam protecting the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur from the flood, saved him.

No wonder they say: where courage, there is victory.

Option 4

Courage is courage, in which a person forgets everything in the world, except for those who seek to help. Bravery is performed by courageous people.

Thus, in the story of V. Krapivin, the desire to help the crazed horses eclipsed Volodya’s fear of the element of fire. He could be trampled by frightened horses, but at that moment the teenager was only occupied with one thing – their salvation.

As a real hero, having coped with the disaster, Volodya did not think of any reward. The boy had already received it: the horses remained alive.

Courage is able to turn even a small man into a giant. The heroic act of Volodya confirms this.

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What is courage?