“What is humanity – the definition of” composition

Let’s see what the word humanity means. Quite a complex question, and the answer to it will be very extensive. Probably, humanity can be called responsibility. Responsibility to oneself and other people. The most important feature of absolutely every person is humanity. But, to be honest, we very often replace the word humanity with different concepts, for example – humanity, yes, identifying such words a person is very close to the true meaning.

Let’s still understand the meaning of this word. Humanity is a tolerant attitude towards everyone, to everything that exists, even if it is unpleasant for you. This can be compared with good and evil – this is an eternal division, as good can not exist without evil, so evil without good, and nothing else. Everyone must respect the rights of another, so to speak, patience for the sake of necessity.

To manifest humanity is necessary not only to oneself like (people), but also to all living creatures, dogs,

cats and so on. I can cite the most banal manifestations of humanity – see a great film called “White Bim, Black Ear” – a rather hard-to-perceive film, but it’s worth watching. It contains a large number of examples of both humanity, anti-humanity, and inhumanity, very instructive.

Humanity refers to a humane attitude to all discoveries that are made for the benefit of people, whether important or small. The most “main vaccine” of all evil is humanity, if we lose this “pill” – we lose the whole world, a global upheaval begins, it will be the most terrible thing that can happen to mankind, a coup of the human soul will occur. Such incidents have happened to all the great tyrants that have become known to the whole world.
The same Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, I think no one will dare to call them people with humanity, they lost it. Yes, undoubtedly, it is possible that these terrible people were normal in their hearts, no one can argue with this, since one can not look there, but all their decisions, all their actions, did not carry in themselves a single

drop of humanity and humanity. Unfortunately, in our world a lot of evil has become very lately, and it is necessary to get rid of it, and all that needs to be done is to be kind, yes, it is only necessary to show kindness and love for one another, for all people and beasts.

Rarely they say that something is human, more often it sounds “inhuman”. Here all adjectives with negative meanings can be added. Simply it is considered that the person (the present Person) is someone very good, kind and fair. The one who conquered the animal in itself.

Humanity can be manifested in all situations. If you behave in a kind, beautiful and correct way, then it is humane.

We need to treat each other humanely, and also to the environment. They say that so many people do not behave as cruelly as an animal. That is terrible, when a wolf killed a small elk. But this is nature. The wolf does this not for entertainment, but because he has an instinct, otherwise the wolf itself will perish. And the “ambulance”, of course, will eat the weakest moose. And people can be cruel simply for fun. Here the hunters kill animals. Do these people have nothing to eat? No, it’s just that they have a hobby… Although the hunters are still okay, and here are some livestockmen who torture animals. Such people may have some unprofitable grievances, that is, they are ready to take revenge, but not to their enemies, but to innocent animals. This is just inhuman!

And in war, too, people are often inhuman, torturing, for example, prisoners. No nobility! No mercy towards civilians. But in an emergency situation, the lack of humanity can still be explained, because there may be included some terrible animal instincts. But in ordinary life…

I’ve heard many terrible stories. People are now trying to show that they are doing well. They smile, but everything is bad. They are like teeth! White and solid outside, thanks to modern paste, but rotten inside, because of health problems. And so a man tolerates, tolerates. At work, at home, on the street… Everywhere he is offended, but he can not answer, and the offense is accumulated. And now the last drop is a trifle! And he breaks down. For example, one woman beat the other because of the place on the bus. Here such terrible cases happen because of like a trifle.

To be human means, in my opinion, to try to understand other people, animals. Do not be cruel, but be generous. Love the world around us, take care of nature. Many good qualities can be brought into this concept.

But this is such an ideal in the sense that it needs to be sought. Still, the instincts and the like remained in man. I’m not saying (not at all!) That you can be cruel. But the squeezed anger will lead to the worst. It is necessary to go in for sports. We need to resolve conflicts, talk. And if something annoys you, then do not be angry with yourself. Just do not need to beat everyone, but see what an unpleasant feeling is, try to correct the situation.

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“What is humanity – the definition of” composition